Event #104: Wed., September 15, 2010

Our emails back and forth today:

My email to Bob: I think Nuttah kept me up last night, that’s why I’m hitting the computer so late. I was up well past one. Nothing specific to report; I just thought she was there. Lots of a new color swirl in the vision. (Kind of an aqua). There might have been one brief vision, a view of looking over the top of a tiny world. Like from outer space. Although it also could have been a bald head. No way of knowing. Also something kept moving at the bottom of the bed, and I couldn’t prove that it was or was not your feet. Wasn’t mine, and Joe wasn’t on the bed.

And Bob’s response: I did not wake up at all last night so I don’t know if we had any visits. Nuttah seems to be more focused on you at the moment, but I have this sense of foreboding lately, your snake head/bird vision only adds to what my fears are, I do not like what I am thinking and sensing. I am afraid something is expected of me/”him”, I don’t know about him, but I don’t feel up to the task. Enough on that, I am not going to obsess about it.

Later, same day:

A new arrangement on the dresser; note the "Cosmo-gram" of the egg shell with the claws

Tonight, I came home pretty late, and when I went upstairs I noticed right away a change on the dresser. Tomorrow morning, I will take a picture and put it in here. It’s becoming increasingly more rare that any changes happen at all, and I don’t know whether to be concerned or not. Bob is definitely concerned, and I’m not sure what he bases it on, but he definitely knows more than I do at any given point. But today, there was a change. The cosmo-gram items have been rearranged, as have our characters, and also the flower that I left a photo of. That is all. I did not notice anything else. I had a sense of her last night though, which I outlined above. Sometimes, I really think that “this is it”, “this is the night”, “I’m going tonight”. But I always just fall asleep. Our emails back and forth this morning, Sept. 16:

Bob’s to me: I don’t know for sure, which is troublesome, but I think Nuttah stopped by our place. I had an extremely surrealistic moment, as if being sucked down a drain or through a door is the best I can do to characterize it.

And mine in return: Yes, Nuttah was there last night. She re-arranged the dresser again, it is subtle, but rearranged nevertheless. A different configuration for the constellation, and we are all moved a bit more toward the bed, not much, but the angle is different which I noticed from the door. We’re all looking toward the bed.


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