Monday, Sept. 20, 2010

Excerpts of Monday morning emails, me to Bob: I had this dream about Black Hawk military helicopters flying low in formation, and leaving behind a warning message written in the sky in red, white and blue. Something along the lines of “We better wake up before it’s too late…” But not a literal wake-up, a political wake up.

And his response: As far as the warning goes, I have had this sense that Nuttah is trying to say something for awhile, not sure if it is for our reality or hers, maybe both. But it is something dire. All of the stuff she does has meaning, I just can’t understand it. I think she is working on you, I’m too dense.

Mine back to him: Yeah, maybe it wasn’t political, maybe it was just a warning. You were involved too, now that I think about it, you came running from one of the 2 hawk directions, to point out the message in the sky in case we had not seen it. Interesting that Black Hawks are also birds, maybe the dream does have some meaning. I didn’t even think of it in that context. So don’t think that you are the only DENSE one. I am really “trying” to notice what I see with my eyes shut, and decipher when it is “me” and “not me”. It is very hard. As you know.

And Bob to me: I couldn’t have been running too fast. I didn’t think for a minute the dream was just you, I assumed it was from Nuttah. It is political in the sense that we are deliberately destroying ourselves. But I also think there is something dire coming to her place also. I just can’t figure any of it out.

Me to Bob: I should mention that twice in the past week, I have seen Black Hawk helicopters outside my window at work. This would not normally strike me as unusual, in that there is a military base nearby. However, I cannot cite one other time in 7 years of working there that I’ve witnessed or noticed these particular helicopters, especially flying right over our building above my window. One other thing. This morning, on the way in to work, I was alarmed to see a turtle crossing the road in front of me. In most circumstances, if the situation allowed, I would pull over and rescue a turtle in the road. I straddled him with the truck, as did the car immediately behind me. There was just no stopping, the road is narrow there, there are NO pull-offs anywhere, and it wouldn’t be safe to come to even a slow stop to rescue a turtle crossing the road. I worried about him. He was cute, small, and black. I watched the northbound traffic, gauging the turtle’s relative speed to traffic to see if maybe all the cars could somehow avoid running over the turtle. I did entertain thoughts of finding a place to turn around and going back and rescuing him. But I didn’t. I couldn’t really. And of course on the way home, I remembered again the turtle when I got to that spot, and somehow he made it. That made my night. The turtle crossed the road safely to get to the river. The only reason I am writing up this episode at all, is because of the fact that the turtle made it, and also because of that dead-white-bird-in-the-road incident awhile back, that seems as if it was there just for us. I’m taking a new look at virtually everything we see, even think now.


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