Event #106: Wed., Sept. 22, 2010

On Bob’s way home from work, it was still daylight, and he sent me 2 texts; the first one was about another sighting of that large white bird again, at the same exact intersection and then slightly north of that, he saw 2 of them together. “Right in front of me, 2 swooped down and went right over the car. I even looked at the car that was in the lane next to me to see if they noticed and maybe found anything odd about this, but they just seemed oblivious to it.”

Friday, September 24, 2010
In the morning, before I left for my Friday job, I had rearranged the dresser. My thinking was this: she hasn’t done anything in quite awhile, and it is becoming increasingly more rare that she does. So I thought maybe if I did something, she would put it back the way she wanted it. So I basically arranged Bop and I around “her” with 2 hearts pointing at us. When we came home, Bob said he didn’t notice anything amiss except what I had done. I went up to look, and immediately asked, “Well, where is SHE?” She was gone. Bob hadn’t noticed that. I looked all over. His bedside table. My bedside table. The drawers of our bedside table. Nowhere to be found. Up where the ducks are on top of my closet. On top of Bob’s closet. In the linen closet. The drawer where I put the dolls when I need to “hide” them. On an impulse, I don’t know why, I looked on the hidden window sill behind our bed. There is a window directly behind our bed, and it has a small window sill, about 6″ in depth. And there she sat. Right in the middle, facing the top of the bed. I took both our dolls and surrounded her with them so she wouldn’t be alone. In the morning, Bob put everybody back on the dresser.


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