Event #107: Saturday, Sept. 25, 2010

There is a painted wood carving of a rabbit sitting on my desk looking at me. I didn’t put it there; Bob didn’t put it there. It’s off to the left of the keyboard, and I looked around the house to see where he might have come from, and I can’t figure out where he was. When I pointed it out to Bob, he said that when we’d come back from being out all day, the front door, and back door to the house were wide open. Stewie had come home in the interim, but there would be no good reason that he would have to open all the doors of the house. I’ve placed a picture below of the rabbit and where he sat in relationship to my keyboard: the left end of the keyboard is to the far right of the picture, and then a little notebook and pen sit next to that, and then the rabbit carving. He’s staring at me with these giant-ringed saucer eyes. Hmmmmmmmm. We checked with Stewie later, he didn’t leave all the doors open. (And I am pretty sure that he wouldn’t). Good thing we live in the country.

A painted wood rabbit carving sits on my desk staring at me today


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