Event #109: Wed., Sept. 29, 2010

I got home from work late Wednesday night, after purchasing several very large tarps for potential flooding Thursday. We do hope that we won’t have to use them, but it never hurts to be prepared. Bob and I had talked earlier, and we’d commented on whether Nuttah may come around tonight because of the threat of the creek flooding. We wondered if she might pick up on that. Bob was also telling me that 3 times he had to come up to the bedroom for this and that after he got home , and each time, Joe was being very verbal. This usually indicates “something”. So, when I got home, I went upstairs first, and found a change on the bureau with our characters (will insert a picture in the morning), and sent this email to Bob:

We had a visitor last night before I got home, so maybe that is what Joe was all out of sorts about. It’s the bureau arrangement that is different, with her and us, the stone and the claws. I just realized I haven’t seen the egg in awhile. Anyway, there is a change, so she has been around. Did you have any travel experiences last night?

(On a side note here, after I looked at this picture, I realized that she has a couple of times before put her objects in that arrangement or something very similar. Specifically, I’m talking about her rock, sitting in front of her, then the heart, then the claws, usually arranged just like that, the way Stewie found them on the wall awhile back. Bob says this arrangement has some significance, but he doesn’t know what it is. Something cosmic, he thinks.)

A slight twist with our characters and Nuttah's "Cosmo-gram". The egg disintegrated over time.


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