Event #110: Thursday morning, Sept. 30, 2010

In my last post,  I referred to an event “last night” because I knew Bob would be reading my email in the morning. Then, as it turns out, he didn’t get any of his emails overnight, including mine. I came down this morning to my computer to see what he said about my tarp question, and about the impending weather, and all I had was this comment:

Bob’s email to me:
Below is the message I received:
Error in parsing this message. Couldn’t display the body part!!!

So I sent Bob my detailed tarp question again, but he added this while our emails crossed.

Bob: Surprisingly I am not getting mail! I’ve never had computer problems so I am at a loss. [this is Bob being sarcastic about his continued, constant computer problems] I believe the blackberry is functioning now, but all I got from mail that came in last night is a “could not parse”.
It was raining all the way in but has been stopped down here for the last three hours. It is now hot and humid as hell. I have been drenched since 5 this morning. I really have to consider alternatives, I can’t deal with the miserable summers. How did you make out with the tarps? What does the forecast look like?
BT dubs, Nuttah was home last night. She gave me an indication referring to flowers by the stream, for you, a gift I think, although I could be completely wrong about that. Still have a sense of foreboding. She seems to want or need protection. I wish she could just stay with us, maybe she can, I don’t know. I am glad to hear from her, but I am worried, and I have not seen or heard from the puppies in a long time. That has me worried. There is something significant about the rabbit, not just playing. No concept what, but I think it is symbolic or a name of some one or something. Got to get back to sweating. Keep me posted.

Me: So here is what the local weather guys are saying. It seems that the worst rain will be to the west. That area is currently under a flood warning, we are still a flood watch. North and west are going to get the most rain, some could see as much as 6-8 inches, the rest of us 2-4″. It is barely raining here right now, and hasn’t been since about 6 AM. They are calling for more, later today into the evening. The weather website says this: “This storm system will most likely bring around 2-3″ of rain to our area with locally higher amounts in some places.”

Looking at the radar map, we look like we escape almost altogether, with the entire strength of it west of here. I’m actually thinking about going to work, but could just stick around to monitor things. I got pretty caught up [at work] last night. Let me know what you think, and hopefully by now you got my tarp email. Also, I have another Nuttah update. But first, tell me what you experienced last night, and when was it?

Bob: I did tell you in my first email what my experience was. Did you get that? I got something to do with flowers, I think by the creek and for you, a very present sense of foreboding and a need to be protected, which just makes me feel horrible and helpless. As far as time goes, I don’t know, I went to sleep around 9:30, it was after that. When I am not sure. But I think, again I am not sure of this, that she was there multiple times later in the night. I know at least on one visit you might have been there. It is hard to say, things have changed with my perception. Not for the better. It seems now harder to perceive and when something happens I am unaware of my surroundings in our reality.  ktaholël AwupAn’na

A sprig of a Purple Aster is left on the base of my bedside table lamp

And me to Bob: Yes, there was something else, something on my table this morning, that I’m sure wasn’t there when I went to bed. I got flowers again, and these are significant too, will explain below. But first, I have to say, this was one of the more odd nights I have had, not sure if I was even asleep for all of it. I sensed that she was trying to get me to go again. I had the feeling I was making sounds too, did you hear me at all? I kept waking myself up doing that, or I thought that I did. Maybe I didn’t at all, and it was just part of a dream. But I did have again, that strong sense of being pulled somewhere, or just of something “different”, not on the level of that “trip” that other time though. But something nevertheless. Then, after you left, I woke up hearing the rain, and had visions when I closed my eyes again. This time like clouds, bulbous, light colored, cloud-like shapes, perhaps some light blue mixed in like I really was looking at the sky. I sensed other visions, it comes and goes, nothing that I can identify. Last night (this morning) it seemed like she was strongly trying to communicate, and I just can’t get it. Too much other stuff going on, or too much thickness in the density that is my brain. I had a very weird dream about watching people kill a chicken, but in a most bizarre way. The head person was an Abe Lincoln type, tall hat and all. I also had a very brief moment of that extreme sadness that she brought months ago, I’m pretty sure that was when you were already gone, but not positive. I think she was visiting this morning after you left, but I still don’t know the time of your communication. Did she leave the flowers while you were still there? Speaking of those flowers, the particular ones that she left: they are asters, purple asters, and there are some growing right by the creek. The reason I know that is because I just noticed them while I was filling the bird feeders yesterday. And the funny thing is, I’d been looking at all the pictures of these asters that I have saved, because I wanted to use one in my collage for the auction. I didn’t think I had one that was good enough, so when I noticed them in the yard, I was glad they were there, in case I needed to take a new picture. So that is the one that she left on my lamp base. (well, now it’s in water). I’m just trying to figure out when the flowers appeared, because they were not there when I went to bed. Oh, also, you need to comment on the rain situation, unless you did while I was writing this. ktaholël, awup,An’na


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