Event #111: Sunday, October 3, 2010

I went to my jogging path this morning with Wobbles for the first time since… well, since maybe Wednesday. It was a wild week for some reason, ending up with the potential threat of a flood on Friday morning. The river was really high, muddy and fast flowing but it’s already gone down 7-8 feet, and did not crest at the projected 26 feet. It reached 20+ feet. While I was there, Bob stayed home and did a little house work. He took out two room rugs, beat all the dust, hair and soot out of them, and then switched one of them into our bedroom.

Nuttah's little angel character seated on the "new" rug with the asters and a heart; showing her "approval"

When I got home, I went up to shower and I thought it looked a lot better with this other rug in it. I told Bob that, and we both got busy doing this and that. Later, I went upstairs for some laundry, and glanced at the bureau to check on the arrangement. Nuttah was missing! Where was she this time? Not on Bob’s bedside table. Not on mine. Not on the windowsill behind the bed either, where she was the last time she was missing. Not on the shelf with the ducks… where? I went in to look in the bathroom, not there either. And then I turned around to face out into the bedroom and I don’t know how I saw it. At the base of the bed, kind of blending in with the pattern on the “new” rug, there was a little arrangement consisting of her (or her character), the flowers she left me the other day, now in the water cup, and the bigger of the heart-charms pointing outwards this time, seemingly at the rug. I went down to get my camera and to report to Bob that I think we had another vote of approval for the relocation of this rug from downstairs. (I like it a lot better than the other rug)  I’m writing this up now on 10/6, and she still sits there today.


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