Thurs., October 7, 2010

Excerpt from an email I sent to Bob this morning: I had the small silver heart-charm on my table lamp-base last night. It was pointing at the bed. Maybe that was what Joe was all askew about.

And back from Bob:
Hi Awup, before I forget, I believe Nuttah dropped by last night. It wasn’t anything momentous, but I was awakened by a sharp knock and a voice (female). Looked up and didn’t see anything except Joe looking whacked so I went back to sleep. No idea on time or if you were there. Looks like a beautiful day today, just keep hoping it doesn’t warm up too much. I saw a prediction for a warmer than average winter here, not good, but better than summer. Have a good wobble!

And me: Yes, I guess our emails crossed, we did have a visitor, explained in that email. I wrote up a thing last night I call the “Magic Eye” effect, cause of something that happens to me on occasion, where I seem to be aware of some other reality, if only briefly. Something I would not even pay attention to if the events of the last few months had not been happening. I know, the “Magic Eye” thing is kind of stupid, but that’s what it makes me think of. I guess it’s kind of like seeing in another dimension. Anyway, yes, she was there, Wonder why she didn’t try to talk to you?

Bob: I suspect there are many different realities, although the two I know of are beginning to seem more unreal. I don’t know why there isn’t more communication, but I don’t know much of anything really, so I limit my speculation. She did wake me, I heard her voice and she did make noise, it did confound and confuse Joe. Unlike his normal highly “in control” self. What is the magic eye thing? I do something sometimes on the way to work that leaves me wondering where the time went, who knows? Wobble On! Ktaholël, AwupAn’na

Me: I’ve copied it into here. Also, sometime I would love it if you could write up your experiences that happened those many years ago at your “Secret Spot” fishing place; I think they are important to this, and possibly related.

And then here is this write-up that I call “Magic Eye”:

I would like to elaborate on something that is happening to me on occasion. If the last 8 months had not been happening I would pay no attention to this odd thing going on, but because of the events of these last few months, it makes me take notice of things that otherwise I may have tossed off to an oddity, a physical problem, (mental problem?) or just a plain coincidence that deserves no notice. But lately, and especially when I’m jogging with Wobbles, I sometimes have this odd feeling that there is some other reality going on. How does this other reality manifest itself? Have you ever done the “Magic Eye” visual thing, and you don’t really know how to do it, and someone tells you how to adjust your eyes to see it, and then POW!, the 3-D image just suddenly pops in? There it is, it was there all along, but your eyes just weren’t able to interpret it. Think about that last statement: It was there all along, and your eyes just weren’t able to interpret it. And why does it make me think of Magic Eye when I’m out with Wobbles? Maybe because I’m exercising, maybe because I’m out in the fresh air, with few other distractions; rare encounters with people, no traffic, just me, Wobbles, the river and woods. It’s a very natural area. And jogging along, I occasionally get this odd “view” of something else. The best way I can describe this is as an overlap. Like there is another reality, another era, another “something” going on at exactly the same moment in the same place, and if you adjust your eyes properly, you can actually become aware of it. First, I think you have to think of it, in other words, you have to “know” that the possibility of it may exist. Then adjust to see it. And there is something there. I can’t prove it, I can’t say what it is, only that I think it is. And something else. I drive over there to this jogging path, usually every morning. I come from a country side road to hit the main road, which out here isn’t really all that busy, but you do have to stop and look. And sometimes I know that the road is clear of traffic, and yet I pull out and think to myself, “Why didn’t I SEE THAT!” Like barreling along is a car I didn’t see, but not here in THIS reality, a different one. A world is going on that we can’t see, another world, a parallel universe, it’s there just like we are here, and perhaps in that universe there really IS another car coming along, but it just goes right through me. I think the encounters with Nuttah have awakened in us an awareness that this is not the only reality, or maybe this is not reality at all. This is just me waxing philosophically, for what it is worth.


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