Event #113: Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tonight, when I talked to Bob from work, he said Joe was really distressed and perturbed. (You know what I was thinking… ) He said that Joe met him at the door downstairs when he was coming up to the bedroom, followed him upstairs and then into the bathroom. Bob said he never does this. Hmmmmmmm… This can only mean one thing. I wish I could have rushed home, but on the way I had to do a pretty serious food shopping as I was not able to go last week because it was absolutely pouring Thursday night. (That was the night before our near-flood event of 10/1) The shopping took me an hour and a half, and I didn’t get home ‘til after 11 pm. I went right upstairs. Bob had told me that he put Nuttah back up on the bureau along with the flowers and heart that she’d placed on the rug last weekend. So that I expected. And nothing else seemed rearranged or out of place as I carefully examined everything on the bureau. Our 2 characters, Nuttah’s character, the heart, what remains of the egg, the claws, the stone… all still there. I also make it a routine to check Bob’s bedside table too, and nothing was different there – no words in the notebook. Then I saw it. It was on my bedside table. And it was big. Remember the other day when I got a tiny bouquet of flowers; the little purple asters? Well, this time it was a large one: almost a branch, obviously torn off the top of a fall flower somewhere.

A "Branch" of flowers left on my bedside table - in pink, I've circled the silver heart charm left earlier

To the right is a picture of how they were placed on my table, just like that in front of the radio. And in pink towards the right there, I have circled the little silver heart-charm that is still there from the night before. I think that was the night before. This is another time when I don’t think these particular flowers are in our yard. In fact, since I’ve been all over the yard since last Friday when the creek rose, I know they are not in the yard. Also, considering the relative perkiness of them, I don’t think they’d been on the table that long either. In fact, it is quite possible that they arrived there either right around the time that Bob was commenting about Joe’s behavior (although wouldn’t Bob have seen them?) or, right after he talked to me at work. If that second scenario is correct, then they sat there for a little under 3 hours. Roughly 8:30 or 9 pm to when I got home a little after 11. Yeah. They looked like they were under 3 hours old. They are a yellow flower, makes me think of an Evening Primrose, but I’ll have to wait until they open up tomorrow. I put them right into a bottle of water. They may be something else; I will have to examine the leaf, however I am sure they are not from the yard.

The flood waters flattened every plant along the creek and in the lower part of our yard

Everything from the creek to the wall is still smashed down from the water running over it last week. I put a picture to the left of the grass as it looks now (the date of this picture is Friday, 10/8) I’m shooting straight down at the ground. You can see everything is still flattened, and that includes all the aster, and any other floral plants that were still hanging on this late into the season. A good amount of leaves are starting to fall, but this is a very odd fall, due the drought of the summer, I presume. The grasses will come back next year, but they took a hit, the strength of the current laid everything down, even the bamboo and the 2 foot tall pine trees. Those things I freed from the sand and debris, and they sprung up again. So did the ornamental grasses, but I had to help them up. So. Flowers twice in a week. What is she trying to say? I must go to bed now, as it’s after midnight, and maybe I will find out. Oh, and of course tomorrow I will have a picture of the new flowers. Could they be from her time?


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