Event #114: Friday, October 8, 2010

And then the emails from the next morning:

From Bob: Looks like it was an uneventful night last night, guess Joe is just losing it. He followed me into the bathroom this morning and just stood there staring the whole time. “They see things we can’t”, no they’re just stupid.

Another, closer view of the Evening Primrose branch. It is about 10" long.

Mine to Bob: Huh. I left the flowers where you could see them, and they’re big. Right on the sink in the bathroom. And I was kind of expecting that after she left them you would have had some contact. That’s surprising. So I guess it was just the flowers. I think they are Evening Primrose, but one thing that is clear, especially because everything got flattened last week, is that they are not from our yard, or even from right around here. Just like the arrowhead plant, maybe it came from her time? No, Joe is not losing it, well maybe he is, but he was right about last night. I don’t know what happened in the morning. Also, I believe the flowers were left either right before or right after you talked to me last night, based on the level of wilting. I’m hoping to bring them back, but if they are Evening Primrose, they won’t open ’til tonight. They are not open this morning, 2 wilted away, but there’s 2 buds that might open later.

Bob: Hmmmmm… where were they left? I looked at your bedside table and saw the heart, so if the flowie was there it wasn’t before I talked to you, or was it elsewhere? I didn’t see it this morning, but no glasses and I’m on autopilot, so I’m not surprised. I did, however, see a cat in the bathroom. No contact at all last night. Maybe it was from before I came up and I just didn’t notice.
Wobble On.

Me: If you could see the heart on the bedside table, you would have seen the flowers. They were to the left, in front of the radio, on the front left corner. So that means, they came after you went to sleep, and before I came home. Which was late, since I had to food shop, but it makes sense with the level of wilting, I estimated they were probably there for 2-3 hours. I came up as soon as I got home, which was just after 11. And I hung up with you around 8:30, I think. It’s a rather large branch of flowers, you would not have missed them. Course, that’s what I thought when I left them on the sink! I will take a photo of where they were and send it to you. Oh. BTDubs. I was just out with the puppies waiting while wobbles did his business. And I looked over the wall and scared a flock of mergansers to flight. But suddenly it made me remember a dream I just had. I dreamt that an entire section of the new wall, from the drop down to the old wall, fell into the creek. Cleanly, sideways, just plunk, straight down, underwater sticking out to the other bank. I had come up to it, and the first thing I noticed was a new sound, like louder water. Then I saw through to the water, where I shouldn’t but it was taking my brain awhile to process this, because it had dropped so cleanly. When I realized what I was seeing I was of course mortified. Oh my God, HOW did THAT happen? And can the rest of it go? Then I had to go to tell you. It was just a “you better come here and see this” kind of thing. Oh boy. I wonder if she was around this morning. I think she was there when I was awake last night — now that I think of it. Describe how that “shimmer” looked to you when she was at the foot of the bed. I was in the bathroom around 1 or so, for about the 3rd time, and there were dancing objects in front of my eyes. Orange squares. Like sun reflecting off moving water, what that does to your eyes, but orange. And I was sitting in the dark. I closed them, and it was still there. I wonder if that was her energy? I had already moved the flowers into the bathroom and put them in my water bottle.

And I must say something about that dream. I totally forgot about it until I stood out there at the wall with the dogs. It was then that the dream just kicked in to my memory. But it was a REALLY alarming dream, I think we realized (in the dream) that the flood of last Friday had weakened the wall, and then that big section just fell over into the creek. It is kind of surprising that I was not awakened last Friday morning by this dream, when water really was threatening us. Or perhaps Nuttah knew that we would be alright. Because the bottom line is that all the work Stewie and I did turned out to be not necessary, but we didn’t know that at the time. Maybe she did though.

Later, that same day, Friday, October 8.
When we returned that night from dinner, I went right upstairs to change. Our neighbors were coming over and we were going to sit outside by the chiminea, and it was already getting cool. I would need to dress sloppy, and dress warm. The first thing I noticed coming up to the bedroom, was that Nuttah was missing from the top of the bureau. I checked Bob’s table, the windowsill, and then the last place: there she was on my bedside table, but she’d been obscured by the lamp. The heart-charm was still there too, and they both pointed at the bed. I left her there for a couple of days, then this morning, Bob put her back on the bureau.


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