Event #115: Sunday, October 10, 2010

The current bureau arrangement of our "characters"

I’m a little unclear at this point if this happened last night or today, which is Sunday (10-10-10 — just had to write that date, at least once). Anyway, Nuttah’s character had been on my bedside table. Bob put her back on the bureau yesterday, I think – Saturday. But he said he did not put the heart back with her. Anyway, we noticed that she was on the bureau between our 2 characters, but also, the 2 hearts had been moved back into placement pointing at her. I took a picture of that this morning. Then we had to put all the characters and some of the other stuff on the bureau away, as we had appraisers coming to the house this morning because we are about to refinance our mortgage. They did spend some time up in the bedroom, so I’m glad everything was put away. I went up later, and all 3 of us were out again, but Bob said that he had done it. I’d like to make a note of how it is now, after Bob placed us all back up on the bureau. Basically, it is the arrangement I explained above, except the 3 of us are much closer together, the 2 hearts are there, but the stone, turtle and claws are not. Actually, the claws are wrapped around the egg you see in the back. I’m just logging this for the next time I see a change, this way I can be sure.

I forgot to mention something that happened to me Saturday night into Sunday morning, during the night. It was while I was in bed. I woke up at one point, maybe 4 or 5 in the morning. When I closed my eyes, I saw a bright white spot in my vision. In fact, this spot was so bright and clear that I had to open my eyes just to make sure that they hadn’t been open. I was seeing something very clearly in my closed-eye vision. A circle, a bright white circle of light, about the size of a golf-ball, somewhere out in my vision, distance not easy to determine. The circle seemed to be showing me something, something that I should recognize. Is it kind of like the beam of a light showing me something? I can’t really say for sure. I can say that things show up in this circle, and I am not “thinking” them, they are appearing from outside of me, not from inside my head. I know the difference now, Nuttah has made me realize that. I got the impression this time of something technological, maybe a computer disk. The meaning is lost on me, at least for now. Although, I’m still not sure that what I am seeing is the object itself, or kind of a small window into a light area where I can see other things. Or the light on the object. I described this to Bob in the morning, and he agreed that she was trying to communicate with me. It is always pictures. I guess she knows that that is the easiest way for me to understand something. Me: pictures, Bob: language. Smart girl.

I also had described to Bob some of the scenes that I seem to witness other times when I’m lying in bed with my eyes shut. I never know when this is going to happen, in that I still don’t get the sense of her in the room that Bob does, but it seems that I can pick up when it does happen. Sometimes, it is like driving along through scenery, or should I say flying along. I go too fast to really pick up anything obvious. It would be a chance thing if I could stay long enough on any one thing to say, “Oh, yeah, that was a ________.” It’s a jumble of things, and I have to try to learn to isolate something.


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