Event #117: Wed., October 13, 2010

Email excerpts of today:

Mine to Bob: I felt like I was being “pulled” again last night, at least for the first hour I was trying to sleep which was roughly midnight – 1, maybe it went a little later. Every time I fell asleep, I felt a strong pull to somewhere else, and it woke me up. About 4 or so times. I know I was vocalizing, which is usually what woke me up. Different.

Bob: I think we had a visitor last night too but I wasn’t awake much at all last night. I wish you could just take the trip so you could know what it is like.

BTW, the woman I talked about that called in to “Coast to Coast” [Late night radio program] a couple weeks back with a similar situation saying to George and the guest that she had a visitor but that the visitor was alive not a ghost and George told her she was just confused about ghosts, she called again last night. More frustrated because she can’t explain what is happening and when she tells friends they think she is making it up. I feel bad for her. I wish we could contact her. I love you Awup. Go for the journey, you’ll be impressed!

Me: I wish I could take a trip TOO! Maybe you could convey that to her, that I’d like to go, and just to pull me through my “objections”. Or whatever they are. I’m at a loss to explain, although, this isn’t the first time in my life I have experienced that feeling right before full sleep. So again, I wonder if this has been going on longer than we realize. I would like to find a way to contact that woman too. I wish George would “get it”, and maybe have a show just for us people experiencing this. He would probably be surprised how many people call in. What was the topic last night that she called in about? I love you, awupAn’na

Me narrating: I would like to expand upon what happened last night. (As it is now the evening of 10/13, almost 10/14). I turned off the TV around midnight. It might have been a little later. I was pretty tired. I drifted off to sleep by about 12:30, but was immediately “pulled” awake as soon as I fell asleep. Had to get up and go to the bathroom. Fell “asleep” again, a little before 1:00 AM I guess. Again, “pulled” awake, but I don’t have a sense of what’s doing it, I just have the sense that I’m being “pulled” somewhere, and as I’m being pulled, I groan, or moan, or somehow vocalize that I’m not all that keen on this. And then the noise or the effort wakes me up. And then I always have to get up and go to the bathroom again, no matter how much time has passed. It could be 15 minutes. Don’t know what’s up with that, but it is what it is. Last night this happened about 4 times in a row, I think.  The “pulling” sensation is such that I feel like I’m being asked to go somewhere; this happens in that odd area between awakeness and asleep, consciousness and unconsciousness, and it’s somewhere where I apparently don’t really want to go. But why not? Just cause it’s somewhere different? Maybe. Bob says these events have everything to do with her. That I should just go. But I don’t consciously not want to go, so how can I unconsciously make a decision that I do? I don’t know how to deal with this at all, I just know that in my conscious mind I am open to it, and seemingly, left up to my unconscious, I want nothing to do with it. Does the unconscious know something that I don’t know? And who the hell, or what, is “I” anyway? I feel like I have nothing to do with it. The more this goes on, the more that I feel that the “I” that we are has nothing to do with anything.


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