Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today’s emails:

Bob: Did you hear any of Coast-to-Coast last night? Right up our alley. Another woman called in that eventually broke down in tears talking about her experience, very similar to ours, she had no where to go with hers either. She started off just saying how happy and relieved she was to hear the guest saying what he was saying, validating what she had experienced. Essentially he said we are experiencing what we think we are and it is happening to more and more people. The multi-verse exists and all time exists simultaneously as well as all possible scenarios, just like quantum physicists are beginning to understand, except he and his son are able to experience it personally. I woke up a bit before 3 and heard it from that point on. Very interesting. Lots of interesting stuff going on.

Me: I must have woken up at some point, cause what you wrote here sounds familiar. I remember hearing something about a shadow person off in the woods, and then I think the caller or the guest said something about having a Native American background, and I was trying to listen but I fell asleep. I’d like to hear that show again. Now that show should have been the one that the woman you keep hearing should have called in to. I’ll check out my C2C newsletter and see who that was last night. Nothing else for my experience, I don’t think she was around last night. Actually, she might have been, just gave me a break. Oh – just checked my newsletter — here’s a quote: “Many of the things we interpret as ghosts are actually people living lives…in parallel worlds that impinge upon ours,”... This is Paul Eno. I’m going to check that out.

Bob: Too bad you can’t listen to “Coast” again. It is very similar to what we have going on. The woman from Marble Head was so relieved to hear him she was in tears. She kept saying “I didn’t ask for this to happen to me”. It would be tough if you were alone in the experience.

Later that day, I’m home from work, it’s 11 PM. I keep forgetting to mention something. This has to do with those white birds we kept encountering. Probably more than a dozen times we have had some encounter with a white bird (or birds). There was the dead one in the road (1). There was the sighting by the creek of what we thought was a heron; at least 3 times (2-3-4). There was the mass of white birds that took off from the corner trees. Once witnessed by me, once reported by Kate while she was out for a jog (5-6). Then there were the 3 times Bob saw that gargantuan white bird at the same intersection each time on his way home (7-8-9). And the time I saw the pin on Roberta at work (10). And the bird on a license plate (11). And white birds on someone’s dash (12)… I could probably keep going. My point… you may ask? The white bird. I’m reading a book right now which I’m reading completely by chance. It’s called “Horse Boy”. It’s a cast off from my boss, Ute;  she was giving a bunch of books away, and since I’ve always liked horses, I thought I might like this book. It’s about a family with an autistic son, and they take him to Mongolia to meet a shaman, to hopefully “cure” the boy of his autism. I’m getting slowly to my point… Anyway, they go. They travel to outer Mongolia – Siberia, the steppes of the outer reaches of what we know as “civilization”. And there, one of their party spots a pure white ibex and it is explained to them what the appearance of a white animal means – it is a good omen, meaning that you have been “accepted” into an area. I’ll get the quote directly out of the book, but the basic premise is that the appearance of a white animal has significant meaning, and in the case of these nomadic peoples, it is a positive thing. Could this be what these repeated white bird experiences are about?? Just another piece of the puzzle, but not yet coming together…


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