Event #118: Friday, October 15, 2010

Our characters, the newest flowers, hearts and blue egg sit on my bedside table staring at where I would be sleeping

This morning, I only made one change. I took the flowers out of the bathroom and put them on the bureau because I wanted the buds to have a chance to open up. I thought they needed more light. The buds have just been sitting there since she brought me those flowers – when was that? October 7. So they are about a week old. I’ve had them in a water bottle, hoping they would open up and I could know for sure what this flower was. So this morning, I moved them to the bureau where all of the characters also sit, and now tonight — Friday night — almost everything that I had left on the bureau is now off the bureau including the flowers. Our three characters, the hearts, the flowers, and the egg have all been moved. But where are they? I glanced over to the bedside tables, and I could see from where I stood that all the characters are now on my side-table. And the flowers. I’ve included above here a wide shot of what appeared on my bedside table. You can see that the three of us are facing the bed, in front of Nuttah on the lamp base is the egg (tiny blue thing there), and then closest to the bed is the larger of the 2 hearts. And upon closer inspection, there was something on Bob’s bedside table as well.

The wolves (tëme) and a silver heart on Bob's bedside table

I was surprised at what had shown up here, because we hadn’t seen them in awhile. It was the wolves. “Teme”, it still says on them. Well, at least the “characters” of them hadn’t been seen in awhile… as I wrote in previous posts, Bob has had some other, more recent encounters with the wolves. But since at least sometime in September, they’ve been in the drawer. I put them (and all the other characters) in the drawer once awhile back – was it when the plumber was here? And only the 3 of us have been out since. No Kate, no Stewie, no wolves, and no sweat lodge. I only brought out the three of us. So I’ve included a picture here – and the silver heart that is in front of them, pointing at Bob, if he were to be in bed. We’ve seen that before. There were a couple of other changes this evening. Overall, it was a night of at least 5 or so different things. She also brought the orange earrings back out of the jewelry closet and put them back as the “turtle legs”.

The "Turtle" today, still here since April (or was it May?) when it first appeared.

See the picture above; the back “legs” are what I’m talking about. And these had to have come from in the closet where they hung since the last time I wore them. I actually wear those earrings a lot, and the last time I’d worn them, I took the two turtle charms and put them in their place.

Turtles: 2 small charms that were being used as "legs" get moved over here instead

See photo to the left; the 2 charms that were the back legs of the jewelry turtle, are now moved to the back of the bureau in front of the legs of this pewter turtle. This was quite an eventful night, in terms of the physical changes, the objects in the room being moved around. And this was all after I left for work today – I was the last one to leave the house, and we were all gone all day ‘til Bob and I came home together after having dinner out. All of these objects we have seen before. The only thing that did not come out that is kind of a surprise, is the carved stone; the stone that she brought to Bob. It is still in the drawer from the day of the appraisal.


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