Event #121: Monday, October 18, 2010

Excerpts of Bob’s and my emails back and forth this morning:

Bob: Stewie texted asking if we put papers in his room?? Did he get served papers?

Me: What kind of papers? I didn’t put anything out there, I haven’t opened the door since the day the appraisers were here. I’ll find out this morning. I think Stewie wants to have some of the experience that we are; maybe he is.

Me again: huh. It was Stewie”s PAPER DOLL character. It’s sitting on his bedside table. I’m going to go up to our room and see if Kate is still in the drawer. You know, yesterday I opened the drawer upstairs in our bedroom, and the two of them were still in there. And she only took the doll, not the stone he was rubber-banded to. Stewie says it happened while he was gone yesterday. So, he gets his wish, now he is involved.

Bob: If it was there when you opened the drawer then it happened after we left yesterday. Good, I hope Stewie is scared. Remember how he was scared of ghosties on his paper route? He’ll be moving inside sooner than expected!

Me: I think this is, that we know of, the first time that Stewie has been directly involved in any of the movement of stuff. Funny thing is, when I just went out there with him to see where “he” was placed, he said he “knew something was up when he came home last night”. Or he felt something. And there “he” was; his doll character, laying on his bedside table, without the stone. I guess he became dis-attached from the stone. Kate is still upstairs in the drawer. So now, of the stuff I put in the drawer last week, she is now the only thing that remains in there. I don’t think Stewie is “scared”, maybe just as intrigued as we are.

Bob: I told him he could have the dollhouse to play with if he wants. Maybe you could get some cut out clothes for him to dress his doll up !

Now me narrating: So this is the first time, that we know of, that Stewie has been involved in such a direct, communication-type way. Interesting new development, and an appropriate way to start Part VI.

I had an opportunity to talk to Stewie a little later about it, after I confirmed that what he had in his room was his paper doll character, and he was not served papers. (Thank goodness). This is how he described coming home last night. He’d come home kind of late, I forget the time already, but he’d worked a double and it was after midnight. First, I should probably explain that Stewie’s bedroom originally was more or less a shed on the property; it’s an out-building separate from the house, back by the creek and the wall. When we moved here, we had it outfitted as a home office, which got destroyed in the flood of Ivan, 6 years ago. Since then, it never became an office again, but Stewie, after he came home from college, eyed it up as great bedroom potential. So that it became. Back to Stewie today: he said that as he approached the door to his room, he had an odd feeling, and said he began to feel chills. Tingling on his arms and the back of his neck. A feeling I have become very familiar with: how many times have I walked up the stairs in the back of the house to our bedroom, and found something out of place, and I just get such a chill. Looking up and finding the ducks moved – or the daisy heart – or the turtle on the dresser, the characters moved all over the room, a sprig of wildflowers or even an entire branch – yeah, I know about these “chills”. He said he “pushed through it” though, and entered his room, feeling the hair raise on the back of his neck. He didn’t see it right away, but about ½ a minute later when he spotted it, he knew what the chills were about – there was his character on his bedside table. I would not be surprised though if she was actually there at that time, maybe that is the feeling he was picking up.

Another thing happened this morning that I was just reminded of, since I just got home and went upstairs. I had awakened this morning to a very loud hum/vibration coming through my ear that was on the pillow. In fact it was this hum that woke me up. I thought there was a big truck idling somewhere outside, or an oil truck making a delivery. It was that kind of sound, and the vibration of that can travel like that too. It sounded really close, so I got up to make sure it was not in our driveway, because we had not ordered oil. I didn’t see anything and by the time I came downstairs, the hum was gone. But now I’m just getting home from work;  it’s now about 10:45 PM, and I went upstairs to the bedroom to change. And I can hear the hum in the bedroom again, and it is really loud. Only I don’t think it’s in the room itself, I think it’s in my head when I’m in there. But why? As soon as I left that part of the house, walked through the door, and now I’m over here, I don’t hear it at all. I took 2 Advil on the way home cause I have a toothache, and I thought maybe it was the medication, but that would only make sense if I heard it here and there. But I don’t. It’s pretty extreme over there, but I don’t see anything amiss. Bob did comment on Joe being all out of sorts tonight, but the new (new to us anyway) wood stove was installed back there today and the stove/chimney guy was there for a couple of hours, and then left all the doors wide open, which had to have freaked Joe out more than usual. I will be curious to find out if the hum starts again when I go to bed. I won’t be able to sleep with that noise in my head.


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