Event #123: Wed., October 20, 2010

Excerpts of our emails back and forth this morning:
Bob to me: I don’t know whether this stuff counts as an event or not but I will say it is extremely disorienting. I was driving in heavy fog most of the way in this morning. When I came up to ‘that intersection’,  it was very foggy. And out of the fog, you guessed it, my GIANT WHITE BIRD flew just above the traffic lights. Completely startled me to the point that I had to pull over and stop for a moment to get reoriented. Bird. I don’t know wth this bird is or what it is doing out at that hour of the morning, but I have seen it enough times now over this intersection to tell there is a pattern forming. I’m observant.

Me: Did you have any sense of her in our room last night? I was getting that hum/vibrating energy again, it was waking me up. Maybe around 2:30 or so. Also, she was moved back from my lamp-base to stand between us again. I don’t know when that happened, but some time after yesterday morning. Do you have any idea what kind of bird it is that you’re seeing? It is very odd that it’s out in the dark. I suspect that it’s possible that you are the only one that is seeing it. I’ll keep my eyes open at night when I drive through there. Let me know if you sensed if she was there last night.

Bob: Yes, she was there, I felt the same thing around the same time. Closer to 2:15. The figure was on the lamp base when I went to bed. I don’t do much more than just acknowledge her presence when she comes at night now. I just usually “think things” to let her know I’m glad she is there. I don’t say anything to you all the time so I can see if you knew without my influence. The focus is not on me, at the moment anyway. The bird is big; long neck like a swan. Night flying is unusual, I think, especially in the fog. But what do I know, geese fly at night, I have seen that.

Me: So I guess now I have a signal that is her presence — the hum. I will become more aware of it, or maybe she is making herself more obvious. I also closed my eyes and got lots of activity, but nothing I can say anything clear about. Jumbled stuff, but stuff nevertheless. When I heard you get up, and I was sensing that she was also there, I was trying to transmit pictures to her that now might be a good time to take us to “her time” together. But maybe that’s a bit much. I’ll show you this weekend some pictures of birds, I wonder if it can even be identified in “our” time.

Tonight, when Bob and I talked on the phone, he described in more detail what went on with that bird, again, for about the fifth time, appearing at an odd hour over the same intersection each time. What is it about that intersection?? He said it was really foggy (still was when I got up much later) and this bird entered the intersection at a very low height, literally right over him, and he said with the street lights and the fog, it had this “glow” around it, and appeared even larger. He estimates it to have about a 5 foot wing span.

When I came home tonight, everything is on my bedside table the way it was when I left, but Bob’s is different: the “wolves” and the heart have been moved to the bureau, but his special stone remains on his table. I think this must have happened since we talked on the phone around 9 tonight, because I specifically asked if anything in the room was different, and he said no, and I do believe Bob would have noticed that.


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