Event #124: Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our emails of this morning:

Me: I’m pretty sure we had a visitor last night, both when I went to bed 12:30-ish, and later, I woke up and had a pretty clear vision. This one was again odd, kind of a white-on-grey look; I thought my eyes were open (that’s how clear this was), but they weren’t. It was a white flying bird, sort of a dove shape, or more just representational of a bird. In this vision, things were moving, rather than just a still image, which is what I usually get. There were other shapes/things in the image, maybe a turtle, and some other animals. I don’t have a clear idea of what they were. The whole scene moved from left to right, the bird kind of overlapping or moving faster than the things behind it, and sometimes obscuring them, maybe that’s why I don’t have that clear idea of what they were. It’s like trying to remember everything in a picture you only saw once. I guess the interpretation is that of a white bird flying across a sky background, with other objects behind it. Think white paper cut-outs on a gray sky, the whole thing was kind of 1-dimensional. Oh, and also, the wolves and silver heart are on the dresser again, not your side table.

Bob: I moved the puppies, and you are correct in your interpretation. Nuttah woke me at about 10 something. I “asked” about the birdie. It has to do with history/mythology and acceptance. It is a good thing. You were being shown a sort of truncated “history in pictures”. She mentioned she would be back frequently last night and for the next few nights to see An’na. Have fun. I love you AwupAn’na

Me: Yeah, remember I read in that “Horse Boy” book that the sighting of the white ibex by the travelers into Outer Mongolia meant they were being accepted by the “spirits” of the area; it was a good thing. The fact that it was white was what was important. I will find the quote from the book. The author also clearly draws a parallel between the nomads he meets there in 2008 with our Native Americans of today, and they used Teepees, not the traditional house called a “ger” of the Mongolians. I did have other visions besides that one I described, but none were as clear or concise — I went to sleep with the swirly moving colors that I sometimes get that indicated to me she was there. But this time accompanied by the loud hum. The hum was there a lot last night. I love you, awupAn’na

Later same day:

I talked to Bob tonight from work, and he verified that the white bird that he’s been seeing, over and over now at the same intersection, has been “shown” to him. This was verified last night in that “10 something” email. And then I had my white bird “sighting” last night. So is anyone else seeing the bird that Bob sees at this intersection or is it just Bob? Is it really just there for him? And if so… why there?? Very Curious. I drive through the same intersection twice a day too… never seen anything, as far as I know. Must be something about it though. (It is quite near the Neshaminy Creek… )

Also, there is a change tonight on the dresser . Bob’s wolves are arranged with the Oaxacan rabbit to their right, and her special stone is in front of them. I don’t know the significance of this one at all. I think the rabbit plays somehow into the whole thing – I had one show up on my desk, and one still sits on our vanity mirror top, where it was moved from… can’t remember where. Downstairs somewhere I believe.


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