Event #125: Monday, October 25, 2010

I wrote this email to Bob this morning:
I didn’t sleep well either. Lost a good 3 and a half hours of sleep. I had the sense she was there for a lot of it (like when you got up?), also when I went to bed. But nothing else happened, maybe some weird liquid motion images. At one point during the night, I had what I would call a “vision”, but it was so quick and so instantaneous, that I really have no sense what it was, except again, this one was in motion. Like a moving scene. Sort of like looking at something outside, and there is motion in it, something moving from left to right, but you see it so quickly, you have no idea what it was. And unlike my last “motion” scene, this one was not white-on-grey, it was normal outside colors, like it was a “real” scene. The things in it, immediate as the impression was, looked “real” also, not like representational images as the last one had looked.

Bob verified later that day that she had in fact “been there” during those periods that I had sensed it. I am now getting this hum/vibration in my ear when she is there. I have described this before: it is sort of like an electrical hum – or maybe more like the lowest string on a bass fiddle being dragged over by the bow very softly – and kind of loud/soft, loud/soft: an undulating sound. This sound is how I have come to know that she is “there”. I think this may have become apparent to me, because finally, after a long, hot summer and fall, it has cooled down enough that we can finally retire the air conditioner, and even sometimes sleep with the fans off. Hallelujah. It is quiet. Well, it is quiet because THOSE motors are silenced… and now, I can pick up this vibration sound that may have been there all along!

The Quarantined, potentially rabid, outdoor cat "OIN". He is NOT happy. However, he is not the one getting the rabies shots. This picture is titled, "OIN says Waah"

Tonight, when I came home from a harrowing day (Four freakin’ hours in the ER because of my first day of rabies shots – I think I may have been exposed through the outdoor cat “Oin”)… I went upstairs and there are changes on the dresser and my bedside table. It involves her stone – a heart – a turtle charm – Bob, me & Nuttah on the table, and the big heart charm. Those are the things that I noticed have moved. If I have time tomorrow, I will take some pictures. I must go to bed, my butt hurts like hell from the 4 stinkin’, big-ass syringes, and I’m tired from lack of sleep. It has been a long day. And I have 3 more ER visits for these shots looming in the immediate future. Stupid Oin. He probably doesn’t even have rabies.


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