Event #126: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I had this thought while jogging with Wobbles today that what I hear in my ear is more like a buzz, like a hummingbird might make, a low vibrating sound. Think “Tinkerbell” perhaps, buzzing at my ear to let me know she’s there. I must insert the picture I’m taking this morning; Bob mentioned in an email of today that she had expressed concern for my welfare (this must have had something to do with nurse Ratchet coming at me with the 4 big-ass needles in the ER) and the arrangement on my side-table echoes that concern. It’s quite cute actually.

Roughly what I see in my "closed-eye" vision

When I closed my eyes last night, after sensing the vibration I have come to know as “her”, I immediately saw a bright light, a pin prick of light in my vision, but bright as a star above. OH! I get it! Duh – the star!! SHE is the STAR – ‘the beautiful day star’. Oota Dabun Hurit. Boy, sometimes it takes me a long time to get stuff. My brain is turning to sludge. (credit to a sight called “GraphicLeftovers.com for the use of this star picture)

Nuttah sits facing me, and we're all pulled tighter in together. The big heart faces us too

Last night (after my ER ordeal with the rabies shots), Nuttah has turned her character-self to face me, Bob is turned further in, and the big flowered heart in the lower left is pointing at me. This whole little set-up is on my bedside table. I think she felt some true concern for what might have been going on with me, either actually witnessing the event (did I sense her there a little?) or picking up on my feelings of anxiety over the whole thing. Bob verified this when I talked to him from work Tuesday night – “I distinctly heard ‘An’na’… and then felt a strong sense of concern. I tried to ‘tell’ her that it was all okay, I just thought “An’na is okay”, and I got the sense that she understood”.

Here is Bob’s email to me this morning:

We had a visit from Nuttah last night, she seemed to know something was up with An’na. I don’t think she knew what, but I had a strong sense of concern. I tried to convey that all was ok, not sure if I was successful or not. I assume she was likely there at some other point in the night.

And mine to Bob:
I did sense that Nuttah was there last night, when I went to bed, I heard the vibration, when I woke up sometime after you were gone, I sensed her there then as well. I get a few things when I shut my eyes, but nothing I can remember or fix on. I did write up kind of a “scene” from the night before. I don’t get the senses that you get… like the “strong sense of concern”. I can’t “feel” anything from her like you do, just sense that she is there… so far, I guess, or as far as I can tell. I came home around 10 tonight, it’s nice to hear the crickets again. I hadn’t even realized that for awhile there I wasn’t hearing crickets & night bug sounds. Anyway, it has warmed up a bit again, and they are back. ktaholël, awupAn’na


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