Event #127: Wed., October 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
These emails were written Wednesday morning:
Bob: I don’t know about you but I had a lousy night of sleep. Kept waking up sweating. Up for good at 2:45. Summer is like baseball, way too long. How is that stupid cat, Oin, doing this morning? How are you? Is this a vaccination that you are getting? It doesn’t matter if you weren’t exposed to a rabid cat? It isn’t going to be of any harm, right?

Me: I had a lousy night too, also hot! — imagine — at one point I had only the sheet on me, and had a stink bug under my pillow. Alive. Rained all morning too.
Yes, I am getting a vaccination –
I said to the nurse, “What is it?”
“Rabies Vaccine!” she bellows. God, now the whole ER can hear.
“I know, but what”s in it?”, I asked, emphasizing the word ‘in’.
“What do you mean, I just told you!” (this nurse was kind of a shouter)
“I mean what is it made of?”
“I don’t know! Nobody ever asked me that! That’s a good question! Do you want me to go find out?!” she shouts.
“No, no, that’s okay, I’ll look it up when I get home”, I say resignedly.
God forbid, I could be there another 3 hours while she finds out. Anyway, no risk to it (I looked it up), no risk of getting rabies from vaccine, they give it routinely to people in high-risk jobs – -vets, animal workers, etc. And I feel okay. I’ll go check on “OIN”. He looked alright from the window. Might be a little damp.

A different view of the characters on my bedside table, shooting from above

BTdubs, Nuttah was there quite a bit when I first went to bed, after you left, I didn’t “hear” her anymore. I had a weird vision that looked like my life flashing in front of my eyes. Just pictures moving by so fast I couldn’t focus on any one of them. So I guess it could have been anyone’s life.
I’ve attached the picture I took of the arrangement of us on my bedside table – I came home to this the night of my ER encounter, and the night you said she was asking about me.

Bob: I did notice Nuttah there at one point when I woke, but wasn’t aware of her when I finally gave up and got up. I kind of miss the more interesting contact, but not so much the trips.

Me narrating: In case it isn’t really clear what is going on with the picture, Nuttah’s character sits looking at Bob & me. The big flowered heart points toward us. My character can barely be seen, as I’m pointing inward. Behind me, I have rubber-banded the “sweat-lodge” paper image, it supports my character, as I was beginning to flop over. Kind of how I feel in real-life right now too.


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