Event #128: Thursday, October 28, 2010

I’m really tired tonight. I really just want to go to bed. I had the 2nd of my four-series rabies shots tonight (luckily, this time only ONE needle) but my butt is still sore from Monday and I still have to go back two more times and suffer through that whole way-too-lengthy-ER-ordeal. Oh well, things could be worse. Oh, and have I mentioned, little OIN! looks fine?!?

Unhappy, quarantined, seemingly NOT-rabid "OIN".

I took a picture of him in the middle of a “yowl!” inside his quarantine cage. He’s not happy, but neither am I! I know I have used this picture in a prior post, but it warrants reinserting. I really just need to go to bed, it’s after 11, but I simply must get this updated, and Bob sent me a really interesting email that he wrote tonight and then we talked about it later. I called him from the hallway walking back to work from the ER, and he said to read my email before I call him back. And then this is what I had in my email:

Bob: I am sitting on the deck witnessing one of the most amazing events. I am here with Nuttah and five K-9’s [canines]. All of them playing and sniffing each other. All seem to think nothing unusual. Duke, Stupe and 2 Teme (the 2 wolves) just took off into the yard. The interaction is so obvious that I feel as though I see Teme and I know Nuttah is smiling at me with joy. It is one of the most remarkable and emotional occurrences I have had in months. Nuttah is sitting with me, I can see the amber to white energy or whatever it is, not always, but I see it for a moment and then it blurs and disappears. She is just so overjoyed that you now know when she is here. I am sensing tears of happiness when she communicates this. This is so unbelievable, puppies are back on the deck now. Duke just took them in the house. Hope they don’t mark territory, they’re not fixed. Here they come again on the deck, unreal. All are over at Wobbles now. Nuttah said she won’t take me to her place anymore unless absolutely necessary; too hard on me, she says. What do you mean, necessary? If they need me. Getting fear sensation. Don’t like that.
She is very, very happy to be with An’na. Happy you are ok. She was very upset. Spent time in ritual dance for you, many hours. She loves An’na and misses her, unbelievable. This is amazing. Why do we sleep away from ground? Never did we do that. You are home, stay. This is you. You belong. Ktaholeh An’na, Nuxa.

When I did call Bob after this, all I could say was “wow”. What else do you say? He elaborated a bit on this episode as we talked. He said that as he sat there, even though he couldn’t “see” them, it felt as if he could see the wolf-puppies playing with the other dogs because of the way all of them behaved and interacted with each other. They were all dancing around on the deck the way dogs play with each other. Bob described the quick-jumpy movements they make, and the tails wagging, just as if two other dogs were there interacting with and playing with them. Then Duke took everybody in the house for a “tour” of the inside of the house to show them around – well, at least the wolves. Stupe stayed outside with Bob. Wobbles was tied up as we have to do now because of jumping the fence. I asked Bob if he thought the dogs could see the wolves? “YES, absolutely!” was the answer. He said there was no doubt about that at all. How come no growling, no sounds? I wondered. “No idea”. I asked if he thought they could see her? “I don’t think so, but they’re so focused on the puppies, that I think they don’t notice”, he answered. Bob could “see” her, or at least see something sitting beside him as kind of an amber energy field. He described what he saw as kind of an electrical energy.

And then when I got home, I went up to change as I always do, before I sit down to the computer to do whatever, and I did not have my “hearing-sense” of her there. At least not then. However, later, when I went up to actually go to bed, she was definitely there, but I had no visions. Bob wrote this email this morning, relating to his experience of last night.

Bob: Disorienting night, I just never have any idea what to expect when I come home, certainly wasn’t expecting an evening like last night. I’m glad Nuttah understands that this type of thing can be disruptive. I slept last night, but it was not restful, restless is more appropriate a description. It was all just good fun for our idiot dogs. Interesting neighborhood we live in. Back to my mundane reality.


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