More on Event 128: Sat. October 30, 2010

Today is our 28th wedding anniversary, and this day looks similar to the day that we got married in 1982. It is cooler though – our wedding day was very warm, thankfully, as the reception was outside – but foliage-wise, it looks the same as that day. I have made Bob a card with the words inside written in Lenape – as close as I could approximate the sentiment that I was trying to convey, using the English-Lenape dictionary.

I still have to mention something about the “sleep” connection. In the previous post, in Bob’s email to me about Nuttah and the puppies joining him on the deck, she says “Why do we sleep away from the ground? Never did we do that.” It’s interesting to me that she chose to ask something about ‘sleep’. I’ve been conveying – or at least trying to convey to her – a question at night about sleep. It stems from my desire to “go there”, and I thought that if I “asked” a very specific question, maybe she would “show” me the answer. So what I do is ask the question visually – as visually as I can imagine to do it. I picture myself with her, and I point to her, and then take my hands and lay them to the side of my head, with my head pretending to lie down. I have not yet “received” back an answer to this question, but it is interesting that she chose to comment on the way that we sleep. I guess to a Lenape, that is a curious thing we do: why do we sleep away from ground?

They call this Porta-ledge camping. The only thing that would get me to do this is if I thought some wild animal would attack on the ground. Photo: Louie Psihoyos/Corbis

And coincidentally, Microsoft’s “bing” search-engine home page picture the next day was this one to the right. This odd way of camping, called porta-ledge camping, I believe, gives new meaning to “sleeping away from ground.” This is somewhere out near the Pacific. What I’m wondering, is how would I deal with my nightly trip to the bathroom??

On another note, I noticed every time I was awake last night that she was “there”. The noise in my (left) ear was with me every single time I got up, or even woke up, including when I got up for the day. Bob verified that; he had “sensed” her there as well, and that she was there in the morning.

I asked, “How can she spend so much time away?”

And the answer was that she doesn’t – she is there and here also. This particular morning we woke up together, and I told Bob that I heard the noise in my ear now. He thought for a minute and didn’t say anything, and then said she wasn’t there. I was beginning to get a little concerned that the sound I heard was not “her” after all. But then Bob went downstairs before me, and I heard him shout out over the sound of running water as I brushed my teeth. I turned off the water to hear what he was saying.

“I just felt a rush of air go past me on the steps”, he was saying. “She was down here!”

So she’d been downstairs. I hear the hum either way, I guess. Upstairs or downstairs. Or maybe even when she is at “her place” too.


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