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November 30, 2010

Event #146: Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Email excerpts of today:

From Bob: (written about the previous night):
Joe and I were [both] startled last night shortly after I hung up with you. We both settled in to watch the beginning of the game when we both heard footsteps coming up the stairs to the bedroom. Sounded like bare feet on the stairs. I expected to see Stewie appear, but nothing. I called and got no response. Got up and ran to the stairs and then down the stairs. Nothing. Nuttah was not there at the time, later she arrived. Joe is an idiot. No idea what it was, but it was clearly the sound of footsteps on the stairs. If things were normal I would have been unnerved, as it was, I went directly to sleep.

Me: Nuttah was in our room when I got home and also later when I came to bed, and the buzz was loud in there. Just the buzz though, no footsteps, or any other noises. That’s interesting; I will log it on the last page of Part Vi.

Then Bob and I spoke on the phone later that night:

“Joe was really whacked out tonight… more so than I’ve seen him in a long time”, reported Bob, after coming upstairs to go to bed.

And Bob continued, “That was so bizarre last night [with the footsteps on the stairs]… And then tonight, I had this weird feeling coming up the stairs. I was very cautious going up. Joe was really mouthy and verbal. Haven’t seen him that way in awhile. It was more so than I’ve heard him in a long, long time.”

“Was anything amiss? Did you notice anything?” I asked.

“No”, was the answer, “But I don’t turn on the lights”.

Then the next morning, Wednesday, Bob sent me an email with a physics article attached. The subject of his email is, “This helps verify what is going on.” I’ve inserted here the picture that was attached to the article, with acknowledgment to

A graphic from "" to possibly lend an explanation?

Also here a link to the article: Physicists performed a Bell experiment between the islands of La Palma and Tenerife at an altitude of 2,400 m. Starting with an entangled pair of photons, one photon was sent 6 km away to Alice, and the other photon was sent 144 km away to (appropriately) “Bob”. The physicists took several steps to simultaneously close the locality loophole and freedom-of-choice loophole. Image credit: Thomas Scheidl, et al. and Google Earth, ©2008 Google, Map Data ©Tele Atlas.

If you, the reader of the post, is super interested in what this experiment is, you can click the graphic to the left to see it larger, or also go to the link I provided and see it larger there as well as read the article.

November 28, 2010

Event #145: Sunday, November 28, 2010

I woke up to the hum in my ear. Sometime over this 4-day holiday, I also noticed that for the first time, I heard the hum in my right ear one time. But this morning, it was the classic left-ear hum, with no over or undertones. (Could the low-sounding one mean that she is present with someone else?) Then later today, I went for a very late jog with Wobbles. It was nearly dark (after 5) when I returned. I’m coming along the road back to our house, and on this part of the road you cannot see any lights of houses; it’s fields or woods on both sides. I’m going pretty slow because I’d just sighted a deer in front of me; he had stood to the side of the road and watched me drive by before he took off into the field to the south of me. Then while I’m slowly humming along in Truckie, from out of the shrubbery on the bank to my right, something flies in front of me, from the right headlight to the left. I slowed and braked suddenly because it was literally about a foot off my bumper. Clearly it was a bird, and it was also clearly flying, but how did I not hit it that close?? I looked in my rear view mirror thinking for sure that it would be dead or at least injured in the road behind me. But by now it’s pretty dark, and I couldn’t see anything. So I backed up. I decided since there was no one else out here on the road with me, I might be able to do this without any issues, so I backed up to roughly before where I thought the bird had flown out. I marveled how I had not hit it, but I thought it might be injured and dying off to the side, so I put the truck in park and got out to look. We’re not talking a little bird here either, it was something I would have been able to see if it’d lain injured on the side of the road because it was fairly large. I was thinking the size of a hawk. But I couldn’t see or hear anything, so I got back in to continue on home with Wobbles secured in the back of the truck. Then as I’m coming up around the corner where the first house is, I had a strange realization… this bird had been a pure white bird. When I described this incident to Bob later, I again marveled at how it seemed to just fly along the front of my bumper staying all the time the same distance away from it, even as I bore down on it. It was a scattered kind of desperate fly, like a bird spooked out of the brush or something, clearly fear was at work, but nevertheless, it somehow managed to successfully pass in front of me, unharmed.

November 27, 2010

Event #144: Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010

Bob went over to clean out the back-of-the-house-woodstove, and before he left, I commented,
“Why don’t you just save yourself the work and keep it burning today?”
Bob’s response was that it burned better when he started anew with a clean stove.
“Okay”, I said.
After a way-too-short time he was back, and said he was outvoted, it was 2 against 1 regarding putting out the fire and starting a new one.
“Oh yeah? Who are the 2?” I wondered, but even as I said it, it became clear.
“She wants me to keep it going too… ”
‘Keep the fire alive’, she said, ‘the ancestors can see you through the fire.’, was Bob’s response.

He elaborated on this situation a bit later at dinner. Apparently, there was more to tell. He described what he “saw” as a series of “windows”, one behind the other, like having a lot of programs open on a computer, and they are all overlapping each other, but in this case, each window took him farther back in time. It came to him, as Bob described it, like a “flash… there it is,” as he knelt in front of the stove to start putting it out and cleaning.

“Don’t do it”, was the plea, “Keep the fire going.” This was Nuttah speaking.

It’s how the ancestors see you”.

“It’s all in her language, what I hear”, Bob explained, “but I see it in pictures. I can hear the language, but it’s meaning, I can sense, I can almost ‘feel’ it.”

Bob continued, “The first time I ‘went back’, I couldn’t talk at all, I was even afraid to move. Then later, I realized that I could speak, as long as it was in her language. When I go ‘there’, I can speak Lenape. I can’t speak anything at all in English. That all seems so freakin’ weird now that that actually happened at all. This is pretty weird, I don’t know if you know that.”

Oh yeah, I know that.

This conversation took place over 2 of the most excellent beers one could have anywhere, at one of our all-time favorite places for beer, served up on Saturday night by the infamous Hal & Jack team. I made notes as Bob talked so I could remember it, so above is more or less word for word. By the way, I was drinking a “Founders Breakfast Stout”, and Bob was having a “Hop Monster” by Terrapin.

November 26, 2010

Event #143: Friday, Nov. 26, 2010

Email excerpts from today:

From Bob: I have, over the past few weeks been taking longer and longer to get to work, and I don’t know why. I set my alarm earlier, still get here later, increased my speed, still get here later, got up this morning before alarm, didn’t shave, increased speed and still got here later. No idea why, but it is frustrating.

Me: That is BIZARRE! All else is the same, not more traffic right? Are you somehow being diverted every time you pass through “that intersection”?? You know, the one where you saw the comet and the huge white birds?? Maybe a memory will kick in eventually. I’ll add this strangeness to the journal and the posts.

This evening, I spent a little time on the internet looking for Lenape faces for the characters I would like to make that represent “us”. I may have to draw them, I did not have much luck. But I did find some other things. From this site:
I found this excerpt:

A sprig of asters left on the lamp-base

The Lenape believed that spirits could be helpful or harmful and so they had to be treated with respect.  To gain a spirit’s favor, people left small offerings in the place where they thought it lived – for example, near a huge tree, a waterfall, or a strange and lonely rock [or perhaps the base of a lamp??].  The gifts might be a handful of leaves or flowers, carved stick, or some pipe smoke.  The Indians were careful not to offend the spirits.

Then I was re-reading a book that was written by a local author about ghostly sitings in our area. (Remember I mentioned this book relative to my father who had his own experience here the night he slept overnight). I’m reading it again (I first read it about 7 or 8 years ago), just to see if anything the author mentions in it might resonate with us. And something did. We, of course do not think of Nuttah as a “ghost”; we feel that she is “as alive in her time as we are in ours”. And here is the line from the book:

“It became apparent to me that the ghosts [in my house] were not there to frighten or alarm me. Rather it seemed that we were cohabitating in the same building, but in truly different periods or realms of time.”

I think he was on to something there. I’m only a portion of the way through the book so we’ll see if this comes up again. This is how we have felt about Nuttah almost from the beginning: that she is co-habitating the same space but in different realms of time… and she has somehow mastered the ability to “crossover” to “our” time.

November 25, 2010

Event #142: Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 2010

Our brother-in-law, Dean came over in the morning, and I had to run upstairs for something after he got here. It was then that I noticed that the dresser had a new change. Later, I surreptitiously told Bob to go up and check it out, because Dean was still here. He did, and said that it must have happened after he had made the bed and come downstairs, which was pretty late in the morning. I’ve included a picture of the new arrangement of our characters. In this arrangement, she uses my little berry sprig to “point” to us.  I see that 2 hearts point at each of us – I have the flowery heart-charm and the claws arranged as a heart pointing at “me”, and Bob has the silver heart-charm and the heart-stone pointing at “him”.

A berry sprig points at the 2 of "us", along with 2 hearts each.

November 23, 2010

Event #141: Tues., November 23, 2010

Bob’s morning email responding to the one I sent him last night with the flower picture from the previous post:

Bob: That is interesting. It certainly doesn’t appear to be a ground cover type of plant. Seems like it would be growing up. It must be warm at her place. Maybe she has a winter place in Florida. This is all so wild, and even wilder that it has become prosaic to us. I had no impression of Nuttah (or Oota if you prefer) being there last night, but I slept like a deranged donkey last night, so who knows.

Me: Yes, I picture the plant like a — I don’t know, like a what is escaping me. It reminds me of these little pink flowers that everyone considers a weed, they grow everywhere, we had some here ’til the frost, but they’re very short. They rarely get over a foot or so. I picture this taller. I don’t know what it is. Maybe they will bloom. I “heard” lots of activity, mainly it was just the “buzz-sound”.

In late November, this is the only thing left "alive" in our yard: Smartweed

I identified something in one of my wildflower books that is (barely) still growing in our yard. This was next to [the discarded] fish tank outside. It’s called PA Smartweed, or Lady’s Thumb; this stuff grows everywhere, and its growing pattern is the closest one to the plant she brought that I could think of. I brought in some berries as my offering today.

Bob: That doesn’t look like the same plant to me! Hard to tell on blackberry though.

I took a picture of how the dresser was when I left, with all the flower sprigs & my berry sprig for her

I have included here a picture of how I left the whole bureau arrangement on Tuesday morning. Her sprig still stands up next to me, and I brought in some berries for her, since there aren’t any more flowers to offer, at least on our property.  The bright yellow ones there I brought from a relatively protected area along the river. They are about the very last thing that is still growing in some protected, low-lying, sunny areas along the river. You can also see the grey feather laying in front of “me”, which she has left there, and the two hearts; one for “me”, one for “Bob”, and then the claws, shaped roughly as a heart, are in the bottom middle of the picture. I took this picture in case things were to change later… I wanted to know for sure how I’d left it. This was to come in handy the next day. I really do need some new paper doll characters of “us” to work with. I did those in such haste back then when “we” entered into the object scene, and our goofy little paper doll characters have certainly proved useful, but I think it’s time for new ones. I imagine a “two-sided” doll. The “Indian us” on one side, and the “present-day us” on the other. But which is really present??

To the left is the Smartweed, still more or less alive in our yard, to the right, the flower she brought; the buds look very similar, but definitely not the same plant

I’ve inserted above a picture of the two plants. The left one I found in our yard yesterday. The right one is a close-up of what she brought us. They have ‘similarities’, but I know they are not the same. It is the growth pattern of the floral part that I think is similar. I can’t find the one on the right in any of my wildflower books, and the ‘closest’ thing we have to it is Goldenrod, but it can’t be Goldenrod, because of the color of her buds. I will have to leave this mystery plant for now, and just accept that the possibility is there that it is from “her time”, and it didn’t make it to this century. Or it is an earlier variety of something we do have now. If someone is out there that can comment on this plant and perhaps identify it, I would welcome the input.  Below I have included a shot of the entire sprig. This piece is roughly about 6″ long. Each little floral bud is less than 1/4 of an inch.

Nuttah's unidentified flower sprig. Difficult to get a good close-up of because of its many dimensions

A scan (in the scanner, not a photograph) of the plant. Perhaps more detail transmitted here.

November 22, 2010

Event #140: Monday, November 22, 2010

Today’s email excerpts will have to explain what went on last night:

Me: By the way, when I came over through the sun room last night, I had just turned off the radio, and heard a really loud buzzing. I looked up to see if the fan was running, it wasn’t and then the buzz followed me into the living room. I looked around, and then came upstairs to see if it followed me. It did. It was louder, and more vibrant downstairs though, and I went back down to stock up the wood. It’s like there is this enormous bumble bee right at my left ear that follows me around. It was with me in the bathroom, with me while I watched TV, and when I went to sleep. I thought I might have some visions or something, but must have fallen asleep way too quickly. I do try communication both with pictures, thoughts and words, but last night nothing. Oh, there was one other odd difference to the buzz/hum last night, and I noticed this when I was lying watching TV. It was fluctuating as if it was speech. Kind of like if people were talking and it was reduced to only a low vibration or hum, it would be how it sounded. I tried hard to tune in and listen to see if I could hear more, but that is all it sounded like to me. The sound often does fluctuate, but in a more rhythmic way, not like this variegated way, like the way we talk. Oh, and yes, I was folding laundry and found Joe wandering through our foyer. When I noticed him, he scuttled back, but only into the sun room, eventually the living room.

Bob: It sounds like the hum is more pronounced when you are closer to the ground, which would make sense. The variance sounds like what I said before about Nuttah being in both places. Maybe you are at times hearing conversation or ritual chanting at her place. Just a thought. I heard nothing, saw, felt nothing.

Me: Yes, I have often thought about “leak-over” noises or events that might permeate our space, like, are they now in the sweat lodge having a ceremony??

Bob: I think there is a channel open that you are tuned to, you need to get better speakers or upgrade your receiver! It is pretty wild to think about. Did that Graham Hancock book come yet? Wonder if we could get some insight from it, even though it is fiction.

Me: Yes, book came, it is in the Christmas pile, but I guess we could start it now. When I was out jogging with Wobbles this morning, I found a yellow flower (not the Nuttah flower) and I brought it back to give as a gift to Nuttah, since she is always bringing me flowers. So if you see a larger sprig, it is (probably) mine. I agree about the channel. Need to figure out how to tune it in better. A squelch control might help.

Bob: What flower is still blooming around us?! Must be very protected.

A new sprig of flowers on the dresser; this time it looks like immature Goldenrod -- could it be? It's late November...

Me: When I came home tonight, I came up to change, and examined the dresser very closely. There was a new sprig that was standing up in front of “me”. I will photograph that set up in the morning, but I took the sprig and scanned it, and I’ve attached it to this email. I don’t know what it is. If the buds could bloom they appear to be yellow. I will have to research my books to figure it out. Seems they are having a very mild November. Anyway, I guess she understood my “offering” of a flower for her. I’ll bring another one tomorrow, we could keep trading flowers ’til they’re all gone. And then switch to winter stuff.

A scan of the flower that was left - Goldenrod? Not sure... Can't find anything similar in my books

Interjecting some notes here about the pictures: On the left is the scan I did of the flower sprig that “I” received, and then to the right is a photo of how it was placed, leaning up against “me”.  Notice that it seemingly has a yellowish cast to the buds, which I now have in water to see if I can coax them to bloom. And another side note: this has to be a flower from “her time”:
a) they don’t grow around here or I would have seen or identified them already, and
b) if they did, they’d be dead from frost by now.

Something just occurred to me as I typed that. I don’t know why, it just popped into my head. I’m wondering if all of the plants the Nuttah brings or offers have a specific medicinal quality. In other words, do they offer some curative effect that perhaps I should look into for a theme. Just a thought. Funny how things just pop into your head, and these days, I pay much more attention to that when it happens.
When I mentioned the above to Bob, he said this:  I know that some cultures looked for plants that resembled organs for medicinal matches.

November 20, 2010

Event #139: Friday, November 19, 2010

When we came home Friday night, I went upstairs to get ready for bed. I opened the closet to put away my jewelry. I almost didn’t notice this, because it was in kind of a “busy” spot. But there amongst some necklaces lying on one of the shelves in the closet, was another little flower sprig.

The pink arrow points at the new sprig of flowers found on the closet shelf with assorted necklaces and pendants

I took a picture this morning, and have placed it to the right. In the foreground, is a green pendant, the new flower sprig is the green leafy object with the pink arrow pointing at it. I took it out last night and put it in water. What I marvel at about these flowers, which I still believe are Evening Primrose, is that we no longer have any of this growing outside. By now, we’ve had multiple frosts, and all wildflowers in our yard are done. Any remaining annuals that were not brought inside are most certainly done; they went right away. The beautiful bank of morning glories was gone after 2 nights that it hit 27 deg. or lower. These sprigs were in pretty good shape, in that I think they’d been left not so many hours ago. A little wilted, but revivable.

A small sprig of Evening Primrose shows up on the base of my monitor, seen there above my DELL keyboard

And when I came down to my computer Saturday morning, I found something I’d missed the previous evening. There was also one of these sprigs on the legs of my monitor. The DELL you see is the top of my keyboard, so it’s pretty hard to believe that I missed seeing them when I sat down last night to type an email, but I did. I believe they sat overnight, as they were pretty wilted. I now have them trying to revive in a glass of water in my window. This one had one of the yellow buds on it.

And then later, as Bob was doing the weekly tank maintenance on his fish tank, he reported hearing loud footsteps in the hall on the other side of the wall from where he was working. He thought it was me coming down, and actually called something out to me. But it wasn’t. We have estimated this “loud footsteps in the hall” incident to be about the 3rd of its type.

November 18, 2010

Event #138: November 17-18, 2010

Excerpts of emails:
Bob: I had a visit last night, Nuttah woke me, apparently thinking the same thing I said above, how fortunate she is to have found us, her emotions are so powerful she can actually almost make me cry; quite amazing.

Me: I did sense that Nuttah was there last night, heard the buzz in my ear every time I came up, strongly when I went to bed. No visions to report, I’m trying to communicate but not sure I’m getting through. How do you get what she says, is it all feeling?

Bob: As far as how I know what Nuttah is “saying”, that is something I don’t know fully know how to describe. I receive very vivid emotions, pictures and words and it is clear they are coming from outside of me. As clear as hearing a radio broadcast. I don’t know how else to put it.

These email excerpts were written on Friday, the 19th, but it was about an event that happened the previous Thursday evening to Bob. He had called me at work, as usual, and had hinted at this event that had just happened, but it was too late to go into a lot of detail.

So I write the next morning:  Can you write what you wanted to tell me about upstairs last night or will it have to wait??

Bob: Not much time here so here is a condensed version.

I brought Dukey and Stupey in for dinner last night, they finished and I headed over to get changed, Dukey had been antsey and distracted during dinner. When I went towards our side he ran ahead and when I opened the living room door he bolted through (he normally waits in sunroom) and ran right up the stairs to our room. He has never done that. [I can vouch for that, Duke is really bad on stairs, and won’t run up a set of steps unless he’s forced to]. I yelled for him, he ignored me. I ran up and he was sitting with his head up and tilted as though being petted and leaning against a person, like he does with me. Nuttah was there, Dukey could obviously tell she was there. He kept whining the entire time while she, apparently was petting him. Pretty cool to watch. I just watched and went about my business. I gave them both a hug, I think and we went back downstairs. Dukey reluctantly left her side.

Me: Wow, that be cool. Maybe next time I hear the buzz in my ear, I’ll bring Dukey up for a visit. Remember the details of the long version for tonight!

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November 15, 2010

Event #137: Monday, November 15, 2010

Stewie reported later that things were “different” in his room when he got home. Aside from Peg sleeping up there, I’m not sure what would be different, but he would know if things were moved around. I’ll have to get more specifics. Then, when I got home tonight, I went up to our bedroom, and the change is subtle, but it is a change, nevertheless. I had moved all our characters back to the bureau from my bedside table. They have been there for awhile… but I can’t say exactly for how long. I left them there, because that seemed to be her choice. There were some minor movements while we were all over there on that table, but nothing earth shattering.

Some new changes on the dresser involving the stone, claws, feather and a couple hearts

So when Peg & Dad were here, for a brief time I had put Bob & my characters in my drawer (good thing, cause Peg did head up there Sunday morning to put her makeup on). When they left, I moved everybody, including Nuttah’s character, back over to the bureau. So this evening when I got home, Bob’s stone, which was on his bedside table, now sits in front of him. In front of that is the silver heart-charm, pointing at Bob. The small “crab-claws” are arranged like a heart in front of Nuttah’s character. I have pointing at “me” the big flowered heart-charm, and laid at my feet is the feather that appeared the other day. I have added a photo here to illustrate. I saw all of this when I’d gone up to change, and I also heard the hum pretty loudly; well, at least it was really obvious.

And now excerpts from our emails of today:
Me: Oh, and there was some movement in the room tonight (hearts, stones, claws) and I “heard” her presence when I came up to change.
Bob: I woke once during the night and Nuttah was in the room but I went right back to sleep. Oh, and I know what the feather and all the bird sightings are about, it just occurred to me. Nuttah is an Eagles fan!
Me: Ha ha, you are funny. Just reminded me though to go take a picture of last night’s re-arrangement.