Event #129: Monday, November 1, 2010

Our emails of today, back and forth:

Bob:  Hope you slept well last night. I kept getting awakened by surging visits. It was 29 degrees when I left this morning, felt good to walk out into it this morning.

Me: Actually, I slept perfectly lousy — listened to Art Bell for most of his show, no compelling ghost stories though — and most of the time I heard that buzz in my ear, including when you got up. Also around 3, I think you got up then too. She was not there the whole time. Think I had some interesting visions that might have been from “then”, but nothing really bright, obvious, or clear. Maybe she was showing it to me at night, or as it was at that moment. Also, I kept hearing noises downstairs, expected to see some changes down there this morning, but there weren’t any, I don’t think. So after losing about 3+ hours last night, I am now just getting up.

Bob: I had several awakenings by Nuttah last night. 3 am was one of many. It seems almost electro-magnetic. It is more and more evident that is what it is, it is how, I think, I sense her, and why we hear the crackling when she comes through. What did you see?

Me: I believe what I saw was their place at night. Flashes of images of the huts, maybe the creek — things I’ve been “wondering” about, or trying to, with mental images. But it was dark. I think. I also could have imagined the whole thing. And then on Saturday night, I forgot to mention that again I got a really clear image of the face of a turtle. This angle is such that at first I am never sure if I am looking at a snake or turtle or something else, but if I think about it, I think it’s clearly turtle. For you, was there any communication from her? Was she walking around downstairs? It sounded kind of like little objects were being moved around.

Bob: I heard quite a bit of noise downstairs last night even before you came up and dopey Joe was in bed looking concerned. Nuttah was downstairs Sunday morning remember. When I was getting awakened it was when she was upstairs next to me standing beside the bed. I know that because I could feel the nudge of the electromagnetism.  What did the huts look like to you?

Me: Maybe she thinks it better that we sleep downstairs, and she’ll be rearranging to make it so. Don’t have enough of a “sight” on the huts, etc. only impression that’s what I was seeing, and remember it was dark.


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