Later Monday night, November 1, 2010

Monday night, after I got home:
I was over to our part of the house already tonight, fussing with the fire Bob put in our “new” wood stove. I put that in quotes only because it is new to us, but not “new”. It smells badly of smoke over there; Bob warned me at work that he had smoked the rooms pretty bad. Must just be a “first use” thing. Anyway, as I was standing there putting wood in and closing stove doors, and examining the new setup, I got the buzz in my ear. It almost seemed to follow me right out of there, over to this part of the house, but I don’t hear it now. If I did, it would be a first. But it was a pretty strong sound downstairs. Tonight, I got my third in the series of the rabies shots (that would be shot #7), however stinkin’ OIN! looks fine, and now I only have one more of the series in another week. That’s a break. It’s been a real time-sucker-upper, all that time in the ER. Always with some little drama unfolding on either side of the curtains that separate me from the next cubby that I can’t see; can only hear. Tonight, it was a woman that got rammed from the front in a gas-station line up. I felt a law-suit brewing over there behind the curtain. Sometimes I wonder if Nuttah is with me there. Something tells me though that she can’t follow us off the property — except for all those weird sightings that Bob has had 25 or so miles from us at that same intersection all the time. There must be some connection with the Lenape there. Makes sense in a way.


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