Event #130: Wed., November 3, 2010

Excerpts from our emails of the morning:

Bob: I put a log on when I left, as well as put the chair and fishies  back in place, hope log burned ok. I slept pretty well except for an hour between 1 and 2. Lot of activity downstairs last night.

Me: I also had her company most of the night, and even this morning when I got up. I heard some stuff downstairs — what moved? Is that the chair you refer to?

Later that night at work, I clarified what Bob was talking about. Apparently, the fish decorations on the mantel had moved to a coffee table, and he said that the green easy-chair had been moved over by the window. Both of us have repeatedly heard stuff moving around downstairs for about the past week. We lie in bed and hear little noises; nothing that would make you get up and investigate (don’t know about that chair moving, however!), but noises nevertheless. Though this time it is the first time we saw stuff “out of place” downstairs. Well, except for those incidents way back when books were being placed in our pathway.

When I came home from work Wednesday night, I went up to the bedroom as I always do, and did my usual checks. After this, I went over to my computer in the other part of the house, and wrote Bob this email:

I got a flower sprig again! and also a feather. There was a feather on the dresser, clearly placed there, and a sprig of flowers in perfect shape (non-frosted by cold) on my bedside table — right in front of “me”. I put it in water, but I’ll send you a picture tomorrow. It did not look like it had been there very long. Maybe it makes a statement about the fact that we brought in all the outdoor plants to keep them from freezing. And just this morning, I brought some of the outdoor plants up to the bedroom to reside here over the winter.

Nuttah presents a new flower sprig, one pink arrow points at it, the other at the disintegrating eggshell

I’ve included the picture I took of the flower sprig. “Nuttah” sits facing “us”, the green leafy thing in front of “me” is the sprig of which I speak, then you can also see the heart there which keeps making an appearance. I have a pink arrow pointing at the new flower sprig, and also one pointing at something else on the lamp-base.  That is all that remains of the eggshell that first made its appearance on the wall outside way back when… I believe that was sometime in the summer. Anyway, we’ve already seen better pictures of it, and it has been steadily disintegrating since its first debut. My thoughts are that between the appearance of white birds, the blue egg shell, the feather… there is some significance to bird related things. I am so astute, am I not? Takes awhile, but eventually I do get the connections that are being presented here.

And then below is the picture I took of the feather that appeared. It’s kind of a soft grey feather of a smaller size bird. Probably something the size of a dove or smaller. For reference, I’ve included a couple other things in that photo; the Oaxacan rabbit that she likes to locate here and there – and to the left of that is the silver heart-charm that is about the size of a nickel.

From left to right: the small silver heart-charm, an Oaxacan rabbit, and the new grey feather


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