Event #131: Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday morning’s email:

Me: I “heard” her there for quite a bit last night. In the bathroom, and when I went to bed. It was louder and stronger for some reason, but going in and out in a kind of rhythm. Nothing else though, no visions, that I remember. I fell asleep pretty quickly though.

Then Friday night we had our friends (and neighbors) over; Dan & Elaine. We sat outside and drank some beer and chit-chatted about this and that in front of the chiminea with a nice fire in it. I was wearing 4 layers, so it was tolerable.  Anyway, at one point, I went in to go to the bathroom, and just to “check” I took a swing through the bedroom before I went back out. She was “there”. I heard the buzz loud in my ear. On my way out, I said, both in my head and out loud: “Come out”, and tried to visualize her sitting with us. “Come out and join us”, I repeated in a very upbeat manner. But when I got out there to rejoin the group, there was no sign of her. I really wanted to talk to Dan & Elaine about our experiences, but this has to be something that both Bob and I agree on, and he’s hesitant, being very protective not just of the “story” of it, but of Nuttah herself.

Friday night into Saturday morning was to be an interesting experience, as I sensed her the moment I hit the pillow. Again, it was the loud buzz in my ear. That night I was to have a vision, although it makes no sense, but many of them don’t. I felt that I was being shown a door with a latch, or a keyhole or a latch assembly, or something like that. Again, it was the kind of thing where everything around it is black, and you are only given light to see a small thing. Like shining a flashlight on something, or looking through a small hole into a light room. That’s what it feels like, and in this case it was round. It may have always been round, but this time was more “obviously” round. I felt like I was looking at one of our door handle assemblies, which I guess if you are not used to them might be a bit confounding. In that back part of the house which is our bedroom and living room, we don’t have doorknobs. We have white paneled wooden doors like farmhouse doors, and they have black iron hardware on them that are latches; not knobs. I should take a picture to illustrate, but that is a project for tomorrow. You use your thumb to spring the latch, and often they are a little noisy. One of the doors we keep shut all the time, because Joe only lives in the back part of the house. To him, up front would be a separate universe. Anyway, Bob said that she spent most of the night downstairs – and that is where she would have been confronted with that latch, and the door. Perhaps she was conveying that image to me. I awoke Saturday morning with the buzz again, and I commented on it to Bob, almost to confirm that when I heard that noise it was “her”. He got quiet for a second and said, “No, she isn’t here.” For the second time, I doubted that my ear-buzz was what I had begun to think of it as, but then he said, “Downstairs… She’s downstairs. I heard her down there all night, she was making a lot of noise, it kept waking me up.” So I guess I hear the noise whether she is up or down. Bob believes that his perception of her comes from “line of sight”. That she has to be in his vision for him to pick her up. Bob doesn’t have the best hearing, so maybe that is why I alone pick up the “buzz”. Joe has definitely been acting quite a bit out of sorts lately, almost craving our company, and coming to us plaintively as if for protection when we enter through the door that we keep closed. Sometimes he meets us downstairs, as if he’s been hiding down there.


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