Event #132: Saturday night, November 6, 2010

This is what I pictured Bob seeing. Courtesy Ramapo College.edu

We came home from dinner, and I went upstairs to look around. I found “her” (her character) in a different spot on my bedside table; instead of between the 2 of “us”, she was moved to be in front of me. The heart appeared to be moved a bit too, but that’s kind of indefinite. Back downstairs, I mentioned something about it to Bob, since he was on his way upstairs. I guess he thought I said to look on the “dresser” and not the bedside table, or maybe I did say “dresser”. Either way, he was looking on the dresser for some sort of change, and couldn’t discern anything. So he stood up to look back into the room, but he was looking into the room through the mirror above the dresser. And in the reflection in the mirror, there she was, behind him in the room. Bob came down just now to describe this to me. She was standing there in the room behind him, he described her as wearing a drab, brownish kind of dress, which looked like some kind of animal skin but with no adornments, no kind of ornamentation. She appeared on the right behind him. He said that she was “looking quite happy”.

I’ve looked for that before – I thought if I was ever going to see her, that would be the way I would see her; through the mirror in the room.

“Is that the first time you saw her in the room?” I wondered.
“Yeah – like that, anyway.” Bob replied. “But it didn’t last. I’ve had vague, sparkling dust, almost like a cloud of sparkling flashing light, twinkling lights. She sure is around a lot lately.” Bob commented.

I am familiar with this “twinkling” light. I had orange dancing lights in my vision once in the middle of the night, like a mirage almost.


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