Event #133: Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today’s email excerpts:

Me: She was buzzing in my ear loudly when I went to bed last night between midnight – 1. Seemed louder than usual, but I did not get any visions. Since your experience of the other day, I’m trying to convey images of “Where are you in the room?” and “What do you look like?”

Bob: Nuttah must be able to have a presence in both places and still function in her time/place or she is completely free of other duties at this time of year. It is around this time last year that stuff started happening isn’t it? I slept until 3:30 so I heard or sensed nothing last night of her except for a moment when I was in the living room working on the fire.

Later on Tuesday, when I get home from work, I went upstairs to check stuff. There has been some movement. This morning I had taken some pictures, and in doing so, I rearranged things a bit. This often will spark some new moving activity, and it did in this case. Bob’s stone is on his lamp base, and had been on the dresser since awhile ago. But the most striking thing of all is the standing-up feather. That same grey feather that I took a picture of this morning on the dresser, is now standing up on my bedside table. It is leaning against “me”, but nevertheless, it stands on it’s little – oh boy, what do you call the thing that is the hard part of a feather?? For lack of a better word for the moment, I will call it a stem, but I will have to find out what it really is – and it is standing straight up on it’s “stem”, leaning against “me”. And Nuttah’s character is centered more closely between Bob and myself than I left “us”, and… one other thing. This morning when I was taking these pictures, a small leaf fell off the flower sprig that she’d brought the other day. I saved that leaf, and laid it on the table in front of all of us. And tonight, it is on the heart. It’s a little shriveled from this morning, but there it is, like a little souvenir. Oh, and I just learned that I should call that “stem” of the feather a shaft or quill. Duh. Sometimes my mental lapses really concern me, other times, I just don’t give a … well, you know. With all the picture-taking I did this morning, I somehow neglected to take one of these new changes.

Excerpts from our emails about it the next day:

Bob: It was a bit warm last night for me, I am very groggy, of course that could be because I was awakened twice by Nuttah. She seemed concerned about something, not afraid, but definitely concerned. She was standing beside the bed when I woke, I could see the “twinkling fog” briefly, I believe it was before you were home, or at least before you were upstairs. The second time I woke was definitely after you came up.

Me: Yes, she made some changes, one of which is you have your stone back on your bedside table. Taking the pictures yesterday morning of the flower sprig and feather might be what sparked all the new movements — cause things got moved around by me in order to do it. On my table, she has stood up the grey feather, and amazingly, it stayed that way overnight. It is leaning against “me”, but standing up nevertheless. There must be some connection with me and birds. This feather is not a white bird feather — but it is from a bird! Our three characters are scrunched together more, and a leaf that fell off the flower sprig yesterday is now stacked on top of the heart. (I had laid it at our feet) Those are all the changes that I noticed, and then when I came up later to go to bed, she was strongly in the room — the buzz in my ear was very loud in the bathroom in particular. It often is though. In bed, it kept fading in and out, strong and then not there at all. I had no weird dreams and no visions though. No idea what she was concerned about?


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