Event #134: November 12, 2010

An email excerpt from November 11:
Me: Nuttah was buzzing LOUDLY in my ear, and I kind of “asked” her if all was OK, and seemingly got an okay answer back. I wanted to make sure you hadn’t stepped off to another time on your way to the other side of the house. I went in the bathroom at one point and the buzz was louder than I’d heard it yet. I also thought I saw a vibration in the bathroom, sort of that pixel effect.

Then on November 12, 2010

Me: I had a pretty intense buzz in my ear most of the night, that was not there this morning.

Bob: I listened to the last hour of C2C last night. The callers and the guest were extremely interesting. The electro-magnetics seems to be correct. It is seemingly that we as a society have hit a threshold with all the radio waves in the air that is allowing other timelines to mesh. We are not alone, I heard 2 callers as well as the guest talk about very similar situations to ours. I knew when you started being able to hear the buzzing that it had to be electromagnetics. The guest as well as some callers talked about the disorientation from the “visits” and “trips” too. It gave me such a sense of relief to hear this, you can’t begin to imagine the adrenaline rush it gave me. Very good to hear we are not alone. Nuttah was there briefly at that time, almost like she stops in to see if you’re home and then leaves. See you tonight.

Me: That’s fascinating. I wish I’d heard it. I went to my emailed C2C newsletter about the previous evening’s guest, he does not have much of a website though. Whatever you can remember about it, tell me tonight. Also, what happens when we move beyond the threshold that we have hit?

A side note on the “buzz” in my ear. I just referenced some previous day’s notes, and I trace the beginning of my noticing of this hum/buzz to October 18th. It was the morning I woke up thinking there was a truck idling somewhere. I have had a thought though sometimes, when I am in the bathroom in particular, that this hum could have been with me for some time, and I am just really becoming aware of it. Or aware of what it means. But I’m not sure about that either. You know how it is with a hum – I hear one right now, but it’s Bob’s fish tank’s motors. Actually, that noise would effectively cancel out my ability to hear the hum, if it was with me now.  I think I may have been hearing it for some time, but only recently learned to interpret it. That’s a possible statement. Anyway, now I am acutely aware of it; I can pick it up almost instantly, like the night the neighbors were over and I checked the bedroom to see if she “was here”. (She was) It also varies in intensity. What I do not get though, that Bob does, is any kind of communication from her energy field. I have become fairly, but not completely, convinced that what it means when I hear the hum is that she is present. And I have tried for some back and forth, but to no avail, at least on my side of things. Perhaps I should look at it less like “sides”. I do have a feeling in some way that I am on a learning course… that there are steps to take, small and careful, and that I am being trained or led along. She is aware when I become aware – and she must be painfully aware of how long it takes me to “get” it. Well, if she is not, I am. There was also that statement that Bob made in that amazing email of October 28, when he sat out on the deck with her and the puppies and wolves.

“She is just so overjoyed that you now know when she is here. I am sensing tears of happiness when she communicates this.”

See – me oblivious, her; overjoyed with tears of joy. I have got to change this somehow. How can I become more aware?? Can you even try to do that, or will it just happen? If I could try, or could know what to do to even try, I would certainly do it. Maybe I am doing it.


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