Event #135: Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010

Last night, I went to bed hearing the hum in my ear, and then woke up with it as well. There hasn’t been any movement of anything in the room, but I can report some visions. Bob says she only moves the stuff around to either “get our attention”, or “she’s just playing”, and since she has our attention now, she doesn’t have to move things. I can usually spark new activity though if I move something, and she wants to do it differently. Or like when Bob put a different rug in the room.

My visions consisted of many random things, like they usually do; once I thought I was clearly looking at a tightly coiled metal (silver) spring. This is at least the 2nd time a vision has included something metal, and something like a metal part. Then, at least a few times last night, the vision I got was what I would interpret as the exhaust from a rocket taking off. White, hot, firing all in the same direction, as if I’m watching the tail end of the shuttle being lifted out of Kennedy. But I had a second thought about that vision – could it be just a meteor by itself, and not a rocket going off? Well, yes, it could. It would look like that too, and probably be the whitish, moving, mass that I see in the vision. Since I’m only seeing that, and not a rocket ship attached to it, I am probably being shown the meteor that seems to be part of this ongoing theme, that we are slowly trying to piece together, and slowly interpret – ever so slowly with our dull, dense brain matter, that somehow has to be jiggled awake for us 50-somethings to realize that there is something else out there.


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