Event #136: Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010

Last night, my sister Peg & my Dad came to visit. We’d gone out to dinner at a local place and then Peg & Dad spent the night and we put Peg in Stewie’s room, and Dad slept downstairs in the office on a pull-out couch. He has the fish tank and fish tank motors going next to him. In the morning, when I woke up, I could hear the vibration in my ear. Something made me think that she might be wondering about the others in the house, so I mentally explained that one was my father and the other my sister. I used in my head the word “nux” that I know for father. I don’t know the word for sister. I just looked it up though, it is “mwisa”, direct translation being, “her older sister”. I thought the English version of what I was thinking would never get through, so I tried to think this thought in pictures. Father was easy enough, but I did not come up with a way to convey a picture-thought of “sister”. And by then, I was up and getting ready. I mentioned to Bob that I had the feeling (hearing) of her there just then, and he agreed, “Yes, I knew that… just checking things out”, was the way he explained it.

Dad got up shortly after and joined us having our coffee. A little bit into the morning, I asked Dad if he’d been comfortable on the pull-out bed. He assured me that he was, but a little later, asked if I thought the fish-tank motors, which are right next to the bed where he slept might have caused a vibration in the bed. He said he’d awakened around 6 am, and the bed was vibrating. He kind of indicated a blanket near his face, and said that it was vibrating also, but that it also seemed like the bed was vibrating, and could the motors from the fish tank cause that?
“I guess so…” I answered kind of slowly, as I stole a meaningful look toward Bob, knowing that it could not possibly have been the motors, because they are well away from the bed. Dad continued to describe this phenomena number of ways; I know he was a little perturbed by it, but he was also willing I think, to let it go as the motors – perhaps a shift in things so that a blanket was touching one. Bob reports what Dad said like this: “My blanket was vibrating, it was kind of comfortable – kind of soothing. About 6 AM, it just started vibrating – and it felt like it was vibrating the whole bed.”

Then I said to Dad, “Well, there’s a reason I got that book out this morning”, I commented, indicating a book I had on the coffee table about ghost stories and sitings. I was recently motivated to re-read it with our new perspective, even though we don’t believe Nuttah to be a “ghost”. What I was looking for in the book was to see if anything that anyone had experienced sounded even slightly similar. And eerily, there were a couple of lines in the book where the author clearly states that he has come to believe in some of the cases that we are simply overlapping with people in other time-frames going about their lives.

I think as the morning wore on, Dad was thinking about his vibration incident, and I think he might have gone away from here with the thought that he had an odd “contact” of some sort, with something other than a fish-tank motor. There is no doubt in the minds of Bob & I; he definitely experienced the energy field that she brings with her, and I think she was kind of just checking things out, because the arrangement of people in the house was different. Peg also reported an odd noise coming out of her quarters, which was Stewie’s room. She blamed it on Stewie’s computer, but now I wonder, especially after the conversation that follows here.

Later, after everyone had left for the day, Bob went up and took a shower. He came down just as I was typing the section above about Dad and “the vibration”.

“Well, that was an interesting conversation I just had”, Bob exclaimed.
I hadn’t heard the phone ring, so I thought maybe Bob had called someone.
“Who were you talking to?” I asked.
“Well, I wasn’t so much ‘talking’, as communicating”, he said. I immediately understood.
“Oh! – What was it about?” I inquired excitedly.
“Well, it was while I was in the shower. Apparently the concern was about Stewie. It was an interesting conversation, and there was a strong sense of concern about Stewie. She understood that Peg was in his room, but where is Stewie? I then ‘said’ he was fine, but that he just didn’t come home last night, and she understood, she was okay with that”.
“Did she understand the relationship of the people that were here, Peg and Dad?” I asked.
“It does seem like she did”. Bob replied.

I had one weird vision this weekend, and I’m not quite sure what night it was, because I am writing this up now on Wednesday. Imagine a rope tied to the end of a car. And the car is going really fast, and the rope is flying behind it, but not touching the ground. And imagine all you see is the rope, not the car, not the road, nothing else except pure whiteness all around it, and you see this rope, which I think was orange, being pulled away from you, fast, and kind of either spiraling, or just spinning around as it pulls away. You’re looking at the rope as if you were standing directly behind the car. That was the vision. Only the rope never runs out,  it’s like a continuous supply of rope being pulled.


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