Event #137: Monday, November 15, 2010

Stewie reported later that things were “different” in his room when he got home. Aside from Peg sleeping up there, I’m not sure what would be different, but he would know if things were moved around. I’ll have to get more specifics. Then, when I got home tonight, I went up to our bedroom, and the change is subtle, but it is a change, nevertheless. I had moved all our characters back to the bureau from my bedside table. They have been there for awhile… but I can’t say exactly for how long. I left them there, because that seemed to be her choice. There were some minor movements while we were all over there on that table, but nothing earth shattering.

Some new changes on the dresser involving the stone, claws, feather and a couple hearts

So when Peg & Dad were here, for a brief time I had put Bob & my characters in my drawer (good thing, cause Peg did head up there Sunday morning to put her makeup on). When they left, I moved everybody, including Nuttah’s character, back over to the bureau. So this evening when I got home, Bob’s stone, which was on his bedside table, now sits in front of him. In front of that is the silver heart-charm, pointing at Bob. The small “crab-claws” are arranged like a heart in front of Nuttah’s character. I have pointing at “me” the big flowered heart-charm, and laid at my feet is the feather that appeared the other day. I have added a photo here to illustrate. I saw all of this when I’d gone up to change, and I also heard the hum pretty loudly; well, at least it was really obvious.

And now excerpts from our emails of today:
Me: Oh, and there was some movement in the room tonight (hearts, stones, claws) and I “heard” her presence when I came up to change.
Bob: I woke once during the night and Nuttah was in the room but I went right back to sleep. Oh, and I know what the feather and all the bird sightings are about, it just occurred to me. Nuttah is an Eagles fan!
Me: Ha ha, you are funny. Just reminded me though to go take a picture of last night’s re-arrangement.


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