Event #138: November 17-18, 2010

Excerpts of emails:
Bob: I had a visit last night, Nuttah woke me, apparently thinking the same thing I said above, how fortunate she is to have found us, her emotions are so powerful she can actually almost make me cry; quite amazing.

Me: I did sense that Nuttah was there last night, heard the buzz in my ear every time I came up, strongly when I went to bed. No visions to report, I’m trying to communicate but not sure I’m getting through. How do you get what she says, is it all feeling?

Bob: As far as how I know what Nuttah is “saying”, that is something I don’t know fully know how to describe. I receive very vivid emotions, pictures and words and it is clear they are coming from outside of me. As clear as hearing a radio broadcast. I don’t know how else to put it.

These email excerpts were written on Friday, the 19th, but it was about an event that happened the previous Thursday evening to Bob. He had called me at work, as usual, and had hinted at this event that had just happened, but it was too late to go into a lot of detail.

So I write the next morning:  Can you write what you wanted to tell me about upstairs last night or will it have to wait??

Bob: Not much time here so here is a condensed version.

I brought Dukey and Stupey in for dinner last night, they finished and I headed over to get changed, Dukey had been antsey and distracted during dinner. When I went towards our side he ran ahead and when I opened the living room door he bolted through (he normally waits in sunroom) and ran right up the stairs to our room. He has never done that. [I can vouch for that, Duke is really bad on stairs, and won’t run up a set of steps unless he’s forced to]. I yelled for him, he ignored me. I ran up and he was sitting with his head up and tilted as though being petted and leaning against a person, like he does with me. Nuttah was there, Dukey could obviously tell she was there. He kept whining the entire time while she, apparently was petting him. Pretty cool to watch. I just watched and went about my business. I gave them both a hug, I think and we went back downstairs. Dukey reluctantly left her side.

Me: Wow, that be cool. Maybe next time I hear the buzz in my ear, I’ll bring Dukey up for a visit. Remember the details of the long version for tonight!

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