Event #139: Friday, November 19, 2010

When we came home Friday night, I went upstairs to get ready for bed. I opened the closet to put away my jewelry. I almost didn’t notice this, because it was in kind of a “busy” spot. But there amongst some necklaces lying on one of the shelves in the closet, was another little flower sprig.

The pink arrow points at the new sprig of flowers found on the closet shelf with assorted necklaces and pendants

I took a picture this morning, and have placed it to the right. In the foreground, is a green pendant, the new flower sprig is the green leafy object with the pink arrow pointing at it. I took it out last night and put it in water. What I marvel at about these flowers, which I still believe are Evening Primrose, is that we no longer have any of this growing outside. By now, we’ve had multiple frosts, and all wildflowers in our yard are done. Any remaining annuals that were not brought inside are most certainly done; they went right away. The beautiful bank of morning glories was gone after 2 nights that it hit 27 deg. or lower. These sprigs were in pretty good shape, in that I think they’d been left not so many hours ago. A little wilted, but revivable.

A small sprig of Evening Primrose shows up on the base of my monitor, seen there above my DELL keyboard

And when I came down to my computer Saturday morning, I found something I’d missed the previous evening. There was also one of these sprigs on the legs of my monitor. The DELL you see is the top of my keyboard, so it’s pretty hard to believe that I missed seeing them when I sat down last night to type an email, but I did. I believe they sat overnight, as they were pretty wilted. I now have them trying to revive in a glass of water in my window. This one had one of the yellow buds on it.

And then later, as Bob was doing the weekly tank maintenance on his fish tank, he reported hearing loud footsteps in the hall on the other side of the wall from where he was working. He thought it was me coming down, and actually called something out to me. But it wasn’t. We have estimated this “loud footsteps in the hall” incident to be about the 3rd of its type.


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