Event #140: Monday, November 22, 2010

Today’s email excerpts will have to explain what went on last night:

Me: By the way, when I came over through the sun room last night, I had just turned off the radio, and heard a really loud buzzing. I looked up to see if the fan was running, it wasn’t and then the buzz followed me into the living room. I looked around, and then came upstairs to see if it followed me. It did. It was louder, and more vibrant downstairs though, and I went back down to stock up the wood. It’s like there is this enormous bumble bee right at my left ear that follows me around. It was with me in the bathroom, with me while I watched TV, and when I went to sleep. I thought I might have some visions or something, but must have fallen asleep way too quickly. I do try communication both with pictures, thoughts and words, but last night nothing. Oh, there was one other odd difference to the buzz/hum last night, and I noticed this when I was lying watching TV. It was fluctuating as if it was speech. Kind of like if people were talking and it was reduced to only a low vibration or hum, it would be how it sounded. I tried hard to tune in and listen to see if I could hear more, but that is all it sounded like to me. The sound often does fluctuate, but in a more rhythmic way, not like this variegated way, like the way we talk. Oh, and yes, I was folding laundry and found Joe wandering through our foyer. When I noticed him, he scuttled back, but only into the sun room, eventually the living room.

Bob: It sounds like the hum is more pronounced when you are closer to the ground, which would make sense. The variance sounds like what I said before about Nuttah being in both places. Maybe you are at times hearing conversation or ritual chanting at her place. Just a thought. I heard nothing, saw, felt nothing.

Me: Yes, I have often thought about “leak-over” noises or events that might permeate our space, like, are they now in the sweat lodge having a ceremony??

Bob: I think there is a channel open that you are tuned to, you need to get better speakers or upgrade your receiver! It is pretty wild to think about. Did that Graham Hancock book come yet? Wonder if we could get some insight from it, even though it is fiction.

Me: Yes, book came, it is in the Christmas pile, but I guess we could start it now. When I was out jogging with Wobbles this morning, I found a yellow flower (not the Nuttah flower) and I brought it back to give as a gift to Nuttah, since she is always bringing me flowers. So if you see a larger sprig, it is (probably) mine. I agree about the channel. Need to figure out how to tune it in better. A squelch control might help.

Bob: What flower is still blooming around us?! Must be very protected.

A new sprig of flowers on the dresser; this time it looks like immature Goldenrod -- could it be? It's late November...

Me: When I came home tonight, I came up to change, and examined the dresser very closely. There was a new sprig that was standing up in front of “me”. I will photograph that set up in the morning, but I took the sprig and scanned it, and I’ve attached it to this email. I don’t know what it is. If the buds could bloom they appear to be yellow. I will have to research my books to figure it out. Seems they are having a very mild November. Anyway, I guess she understood my “offering” of a flower for her. I’ll bring another one tomorrow, we could keep trading flowers ’til they’re all gone. And then switch to winter stuff.

A scan of the flower that was left - Goldenrod? Not sure... Can't find anything similar in my books

Interjecting some notes here about the pictures: On the left is the scan I did of the flower sprig that “I” received, and then to the right is a photo of how it was placed, leaning up against “me”.  Notice that it seemingly has a yellowish cast to the buds, which I now have in water to see if I can coax them to bloom. And another side note: this has to be a flower from “her time”:
a) they don’t grow around here or I would have seen or identified them already, and
b) if they did, they’d be dead from frost by now.

Something just occurred to me as I typed that. I don’t know why, it just popped into my head. I’m wondering if all of the plants the Nuttah brings or offers have a specific medicinal quality. In other words, do they offer some curative effect that perhaps I should look into for a theme. Just a thought. Funny how things just pop into your head, and these days, I pay much more attention to that when it happens.
When I mentioned the above to Bob, he said this:  I know that some cultures looked for plants that resembled organs for medicinal matches.


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