Event #143: Friday, Nov. 26, 2010

Email excerpts from today:

From Bob: I have, over the past few weeks been taking longer and longer to get to work, and I don’t know why. I set my alarm earlier, still get here later, increased my speed, still get here later, got up this morning before alarm, didn’t shave, increased speed and still got here later. No idea why, but it is frustrating.

Me: That is BIZARRE! All else is the same, not more traffic right? Are you somehow being diverted every time you pass through “that intersection”?? You know, the one where you saw the comet and the huge white birds?? Maybe a memory will kick in eventually. I’ll add this strangeness to the journal and the posts.

This evening, I spent a little time on the internet looking for Lenape faces for the characters I would like to make that represent “us”. I may have to draw them, I did not have much luck. But I did find some other things. From this site: http://www.lenapelifeways.org/lenape3.htm
I found this excerpt:

A sprig of asters left on the lamp-base

The Lenape believed that spirits could be helpful or harmful and so they had to be treated with respect.  To gain a spirit’s favor, people left small offerings in the place where they thought it lived – for example, near a huge tree, a waterfall, or a strange and lonely rock [or perhaps the base of a lamp??].  The gifts might be a handful of leaves or flowers, carved stick, or some pipe smoke.  The Indians were careful not to offend the spirits.

Then I was re-reading a book that was written by a local author about ghostly sitings in our area. (Remember I mentioned this book relative to my father who had his own experience here the night he slept overnight). I’m reading it again (I first read it about 7 or 8 years ago), just to see if anything the author mentions in it might resonate with us. And something did. We, of course do not think of Nuttah as a “ghost”; we feel that she is “as alive in her time as we are in ours”. And here is the line from the book:

“It became apparent to me that the ghosts [in my house] were not there to frighten or alarm me. Rather it seemed that we were cohabitating in the same building, but in truly different periods or realms of time.”

I think he was on to something there. I’m only a portion of the way through the book so we’ll see if this comes up again. This is how we have felt about Nuttah almost from the beginning: that she is co-habitating the same space but in different realms of time… and she has somehow mastered the ability to “crossover” to “our” time.


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