Event #144: Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010

Bob went over to clean out the back-of-the-house-woodstove, and before he left, I commented,
“Why don’t you just save yourself the work and keep it burning today?”
Bob’s response was that it burned better when he started anew with a clean stove.
“Okay”, I said.
After a way-too-short time he was back, and said he was outvoted, it was 2 against 1 regarding putting out the fire and starting a new one.
“Oh yeah? Who are the 2?” I wondered, but even as I said it, it became clear.
“She wants me to keep it going too… ”
‘Keep the fire alive’, she said, ‘the ancestors can see you through the fire.’, was Bob’s response.

He elaborated on this situation a bit later at dinner. Apparently, there was more to tell. He described what he “saw” as a series of “windows”, one behind the other, like having a lot of programs open on a computer, and they are all overlapping each other, but in this case, each window took him farther back in time. It came to him, as Bob described it, like a “flash… there it is,” as he knelt in front of the stove to start putting it out and cleaning.

“Don’t do it”, was the plea, “Keep the fire going.” This was Nuttah speaking.

It’s how the ancestors see you”.

“It’s all in her language, what I hear”, Bob explained, “but I see it in pictures. I can hear the language, but it’s meaning, I can sense, I can almost ‘feel’ it.”

Bob continued, “The first time I ‘went back’, I couldn’t talk at all, I was even afraid to move. Then later, I realized that I could speak, as long as it was in her language. When I go ‘there’, I can speak Lenape. I can’t speak anything at all in English. That all seems so freakin’ weird now that that actually happened at all. This is pretty weird, I don’t know if you know that.”

Oh yeah, I know that.

This conversation took place over 2 of the most excellent beers one could have anywhere, at one of our all-time favorite places for beer, served up on Saturday night by the infamous Hal & Jack team. I made notes as Bob talked so I could remember it, so above is more or less word for word. By the way, I was drinking a “Founders Breakfast Stout”, and Bob was having a “Hop Monster” by Terrapin.


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