Event #145: Sunday, November 28, 2010

I woke up to the hum in my ear. Sometime over this 4-day holiday, I also noticed that for the first time, I heard the hum in my right ear one time. But this morning, it was the classic left-ear hum, with no over or undertones. (Could the low-sounding one mean that she is present with someone else?) Then later today, I went for a very late jog with Wobbles. It was nearly dark (after 5) when I returned. I’m coming along the road back to our house, and on this part of the road you cannot see any lights of houses; it’s fields or woods on both sides. I’m going pretty slow because I’d just sighted a deer in front of me; he had stood to the side of the road and watched me drive by before he took off into the field to the south of me. Then while I’m slowly humming along in Truckie, from out of the shrubbery on the bank to my right, something flies in front of me, from the right headlight to the left. I slowed and braked suddenly because it was literally about a foot off my bumper. Clearly it was a bird, and it was also clearly flying, but how did I not hit it that close?? I looked in my rear view mirror thinking for sure that it would be dead or at least injured in the road behind me. But by now it’s pretty dark, and I couldn’t see anything. So I backed up. I decided since there was no one else out here on the road with me, I might be able to do this without any issues, so I backed up to roughly before where I thought the bird had flown out. I marveled how I had not hit it, but I thought it might be injured and dying off to the side, so I put the truck in park and got out to look. We’re not talking a little bird here either, it was something I would have been able to see if it’d lain injured on the side of the road because it was fairly large. I was thinking the size of a hawk. But I couldn’t see or hear anything, so I got back in to continue on home with Wobbles secured in the back of the truck. Then as I’m coming up around the corner where the first house is, I had a strange realization… this bird had been a pure white bird. When I described this incident to Bob later, I again marveled at how it seemed to just fly along the front of my bumper staying all the time the same distance away from it, even as I bore down on it. It was a scattered kind of desperate fly, like a bird spooked out of the brush or something, clearly fear was at work, but nevertheless, it somehow managed to successfully pass in front of me, unharmed.


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