Event #146: Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Email excerpts of today:

From Bob: (written about the previous night):
Joe and I were [both] startled last night shortly after I hung up with you. We both settled in to watch the beginning of the game when we both heard footsteps coming up the stairs to the bedroom. Sounded like bare feet on the stairs. I expected to see Stewie appear, but nothing. I called and got no response. Got up and ran to the stairs and then down the stairs. Nothing. Nuttah was not there at the time, later she arrived. Joe is an idiot. No idea what it was, but it was clearly the sound of footsteps on the stairs. If things were normal I would have been unnerved, as it was, I went directly to sleep.

Me: Nuttah was in our room when I got home and also later when I came to bed, and the buzz was loud in there. Just the buzz though, no footsteps, or any other noises. That’s interesting; I will log it on the last page of Part Vi.

Then Bob and I spoke on the phone later that night:

“Joe was really whacked out tonight… more so than I’ve seen him in a long time”, reported Bob, after coming upstairs to go to bed.

And Bob continued, “That was so bizarre last night [with the footsteps on the stairs]… And then tonight, I had this weird feeling coming up the stairs. I was very cautious going up. Joe was really mouthy and verbal. Haven’t seen him that way in awhile. It was more so than I’ve heard him in a long, long time.”

“Was anything amiss? Did you notice anything?” I asked.

“No”, was the answer, “But I don’t turn on the lights”.

Then the next morning, Wednesday, Bob sent me an email with a physics article attached. The subject of his email is, “This helps verify what is going on.” I’ve inserted here the picture that was attached to the article, with acknowledgment to PhysOrg.com.

A graphic from "physorg.com" to possibly lend an explanation?

Also here a link to the article: Physicists performed a Bell experiment between the islands of La Palma and Tenerife at an altitude of 2,400 m. Starting with an entangled pair of photons, one photon was sent 6 km away to Alice, and the other photon was sent 144 km away to (appropriately) “Bob”. The physicists took several steps to simultaneously close the locality loophole and freedom-of-choice loophole. Image credit: Thomas Scheidl, et al. and Google Earth, ©2008 Google, Map Data ©Tele Atlas.

If you, the reader of the post, is super interested in what this experiment is, you can click the graphic to the left to see it larger, or also go to the link I provided and see it larger there as well as read the article.


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