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December 29, 2010

Event #165: Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The new arrangement of plants, the feather, and our characters

I came back from my jog this morning, and even while still in the truck in the driveway, I could hear the buzz in my ear. I had brought another sprig from the same plant climbing the tree as before and I set it in front of Nuttah with the other one. Then later, when I went up to bed last night, I noticed that she had changed things again. I’ve included a picture here. If you compare it to the one in the previous post, you can see that I’ve now moved to Nuttah’s right, the feather has moved, and the plants are adjusted differently. All the hearts are still in a row under these plant sprigs:

The sprig from in the closet on December 1st

Nuttah had brought me a gift of a sprig back in early December. It’s the one that I photographed in the closet with the necklaces and stuff. I kept it in water for at least two weeks, but it was not thriving, so I moved it downstairs and planted it in some very moist soil. As of today, a month later, it looks pretty much dead. I’d had a thought to try to root it, and I gave it a shot, and I’m not going to tear it out of the soil and give up yet, just in case the leaves are dying back, and the stalk still has some life in it – but I am not holding out a whole lot of hope. But… one never knows.

December 26, 2010

Event #164: Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today there was a prediction of what might have been a whopping amount of snow for the area. It was unclear how far out towards the ocean this storm might go, and we might get anywhere from nothing to 8-12 inches. So right around the time the snow started, I took Wobbles out for our jog, as we had missed it on Christmas Day. It was snowing very lightly at that point, but there was a biting, blustery wind. Who cares, I had all my layers on. Along the way, Wobbles stopped for a poop, and I stood looking toward the river as I always do, to survey the gorgeous view. Right in front of me was a very large tree, and I noticed right away that the tree was completely surrounded in some kind of plant growth that was still green and fruiting. It was not ivy; it had a slightly darkish single point leaf, and bright orange berries. I grabbed a sprig of it off the tree for Nuttah. Probably the last of the live things that I can offer. I was still on the first half of our jog, and the sprig must have fallen out of my sweatshirt pocket at some point. But on the way back, I noticed a live green sprig on the ground, and realized that it was my fallen one. By the time I got to the parking lot, it was really cold, blustery, and the snow had really started to whip up by now. And yet a couple was leashing up 3 beautiful huskies to go for a snowy run as well. So I’m not the only one who thinks it’s fun to be out in the snow with a dog! At any rate, when I got back, I showed the sprig to Bob and told him that I was going to give it to Nuttah. He was surprised as well that at this late date in December there was something still growing with such liveliness. I took it up to the bureau and laid it across all the hearts that were still lined up in front of “us”. Bob was up and down from our bedroom today quite often. I however, didn’t go up until much later in the evening, it was already dark and Bob was stoking up our living room fire for the night. He couldn’t hear me as I called out to “Come see this!”

My new sprig takes center stage with the white feather from the other day

I had laid the sprig across the front of us, and had moved nothing else. Nuttah, however, had moved “me” and then moved herself all the way over to the left of “me”. Notice the plant sprig in front of “her”, with its bright orange berries at her left “elbow”. She has also taken the white feather out from behind her and laid it across the sprig.  I’m having a bad memory moment and am not quite sure at this point if this occurred on Sunday night or Monday. Monday was highly unusual, in that Bob was home; the snow to the south of us where he works was much worse than what we got here, which was only about 6” or so. He had actually driven all the way in to work Monday morning, but no one else could get there, including the trucking companies coming from the west, so Bob got an unexpected extra holiday day off.

December 25, 2010

Event #163: Later on Christmas Day

Something happened later on Christmas Day as well. Our characters had all been left on the bureau the way they were in the picture I took on December 22. I don’t usually mess with Nuttah’s arrangements of us. They have their own unique charm, and I leave them as is; the only time I change things around is when I am hoping for some new activity, because it is usually what works. But Christmas brought a change without me having to do anything. I went up sometime late in the afternoon; we’d already eaten, and I think I just had to run upstairs to retrieve something. Although it is possible that I was trying to discern her presence in our room also.

The new arrangement of the characters has brought Kate out of the drawer!

Of course, my first glance was to the characters on the bureau, and I was really surprised to see this change: Kate had joined us! That was exciting. And incredibly interesting as well, because of where Kate has “been” for a few months now. I’d have to go back and read many previous posts, but months ago, I think Kate was put away in the top, right drawer. And Christmas morning, I hung from that drawer a pillow case that I wanted to hang to dry. I didn’t want to leave it in the dryer to shrink, so I had hung it from that drawer by closing it onto about an inch of the fabric. And not only was Kate now outside the drawer and on top of the bureau, but the pillow case was still hanging exactly as I’d left it. My theory about these ‘events’ has become that she doesn’t even have to open things, she can just “think” something somewhere, and it moves. So she pictures Kate on the dresser, and doesn’t even have to open the drawer, Kate just pops onto the dresser. For goodness sake, this must be child’s play, given that she can take Bob back to her time and show him around! A little explanation of the picture changes to the right: the hearts in front (some in the form of stones) are all where they were. I’m in the same spot, Bob is actually turned in a little tighter to Nuttah, but there is Kate having joined us to the right. And the actual Kate had in fact joined us for Christmas that day, along with her boyfriend Mick — I think this was just Nuttah’s way of acknowledging Kate’s presence.

December 25, 2010

Event #162: Christmas Day! December 25, 2010

Today is Christmas. I am typing this on Christmas morning, but barely, it’s 10 minutes to noon. I slept kind of late cause we were up late with Dan & Elaine wrapping gifts and drinking hot buttered rum and beer. (Well, 2 of us drank the rums, and 2 drank beer). I came down around 9 something this morning, and found Bob sitting in our living room staring into the fire.

“So do you see our ancestors?” I asked, after I gave him a Christmas good morning kiss. I was not asking the question kiddingly, either.

“No, but I had an interesting conversation earlier”, he responded. “She wanted to know why we live in big structures; alone as families and so far apart. I explained that’s how our society evolved, and she wanted to know if we like it better?”

“When was this?” I wondered.

“About an hour and ½ ago… outside.” Bob answered.
“So how did you answer that?” I asked.

“Well, I told her I didn’t know, because I couldn’t remember ever having lived another way. I conveyed to her that I do like the conveniences.” Bob answered. “Then she said she wanted to talk by the creek. ‘Sipu’, ‘sipoo’, something like that.  She was saying ‘creek’, I think is how it translates. She was speaking to me in her language, yet I understood it. I was talking to her about Christmas, and the meaning of the holiday. I didn’t try to explain the whole Christian thing, but just that we celebrate the birth of a famous ancestor to ‘all of us’, not just to family. She understood that part.” Bob continued.

“Where did this happen?” I wondered.

“She wanted me down at the creek; I had to sit my ass right down on the cold stones right at the creek edge; and my ass was COLD” was Bob’s response.

“Were you ‘thought-conversing?” I wondered – a new term I’ve learned from the “Entangled” book.

“Yeah, by thoughts, I tried to explain what Christmas was, but not because she asked, I just wanted her to know what today would be about, because clearly it would be different than what she usually sees going on. I also asked her to come and hang out with us.” Bob said.

“And…?”, I asked.

“Well… there seems to be some difficulty with larger groups and her. Either difficulty or unwillingness, although I think the word they have for those is the same. Kind of… a block, I guess, about being around a lot of people. I don’t know if it’s something that interferes with our thought process that allows her to come in. I don’t have any clue what it is.”

“How long did this conversation go on?” I asked.

“It’s kind of hard to determine time when this happens… it could have been ½ hour, it could have been an hour – or even 20 minutes. My fucking ass was freezing, so I’d say at least 20 minutes.” Bob said.

“That’s pretty long.” I said. “I never could have stood that… being out there in the cold. Especially the way you were probably dressed. What else did you talk about?” I wondered.

“I just told her that today was a special day to us. And that other people would be coming and that she was welcome to join us.”

“What about now?” I wondered… “is she here now?”

“I don’t know… she’s not in front of me and that’s the only way that I can pick her up” was Bob’s answer.

Bob continued, “I did ask about the coyotes.”

“Oh, the coyotes from the other day – that you thought might have been the wolves. And were they?” I asked.

A little explanation here because I think I forgot to write it up the other day. Bob was out back early on a weekend morning – last weekend I think. And he said something distracted him over by the bridge. Some kind of movement along the creek toward the bridge. And he looked over, and there were two coyote pups playing there and they noticed him. Bob was really interested in this, and he started walking toward them, and they took off. My first thought was that maybe this was a sighting purely for Bob, like the white birds. He didn’t think so, because it is not really that far-fetched that we’d have some coyotes here. But I couldn’t help thinking about previous sightings: white birds, a wolf on the top of the closet that left a mark, the meteor that only Bob saw – stuff like that. So now Bob had a chance to ask Nuttah about the coyotes.

“She just smiled and laughed.” Bob said.

“So what do you think that means?” I wondered.

“Well… that they were the wolf puppies. I did want to check them out but they were gone too quickly.”

Bob continued about Christmas: “I did ask her to come – I told her that our crazy daughter was going to be here. She again indicated that it’s ‘hard’ or ‘uncomfortable’, like they are the same words for the same thing. Also, she did say that it was cold ‘there’ too, because I kept imparting to her how completely cold my ass was.”

“Were any other ideas discussed?” I wondered.

“Well… it went on for awhile. I was trying to explain the holiday. I tried to explain what goes on and what it has become. Also, she was much happier this time because the fire was burning in the stove.” Bob explained.

“Oh… yeah… the last time you ‘talked’ was because the fire went out. So she’s happy now that it’s been burning?” I asked.

“Yeah – only I let her know that it is not going to be that way in the summer – I am not going to keep a fire going all year long. She indicated that she understood that but that they wanted to ‘see’ and that is how they ‘see’ us. I asked her if it was ‘all’ the time and she indicated ‘no’; only when they choose to look in.”

“So what is it that links us?” I wondered. “What are they looking at when they ‘look in’?”

“I don’t know” Bob answered. “I have the impression of a ritual, like they are drinking something.”

I have my own impression. I imagine it is a fire at their end of things. I imagine they drink something that releases the mind, so to speak, something either hallucinogenic or intoxicating. Or both. They drink, or they smoke, and they stare into the fire, and they have an ‘out-of-body’ experience, or they release their souls and travel into the ‘spirit world’ and make contact with another time, or are somehow able to observe our time, or other times, or other worlds. I don’t know. It seems possible if we were not so completely closed off to that part of ourselves. Our culture is so completely divorced from ‘spirit’. Just for a perfect example, think about what Christmas has become to us as Americans. It’s pathetic, because we’ve come so far from what it is and what it should be. The more ‘contact’ that we have with the Native American world, the more this becomes apparent to me. I feel a little like I’m having lessons like Scrooge did in the Christmas Carol. A spirit comes and shows you past, present, future, and you come to realize the mistakes of your life. Only, hopefully, it is not too late to redirect its course…

December 23, 2010

Event #161: Thursday, December 23, 2010

Another "Necklace" heart on the dresser, this time with a snowflake pin

Tonight, when we came in, I noticed a change on the dresser. It was the necklace again, this time in a configuration with a snowflake pin that I’d left out since I wore it to the office Christmas party. Here is a picture to the right. A perfect heart, last seen in this configuration back on December 1st. I should also mention that last night when I went to bed, I heard her “buzz” very strongly. It was really strong in the bathroom as well. I had no visions though, fell asleep again around 2, and up at 8:30 for the 2nd day in a row. Holiday’s loom on the not-so-distant horizon! (Maybe I will have a chance to get some sleep…)

December 22, 2010

Event #160: Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I had an interesting night last night. I sensed her strongly in the room, and sometimes I feel I am hearing the “buzz” more as if I’m overhearing a distant conversation, muffled through thick walls, or by some obstruction. (400 years??) It has the beat and cadence sometimes of “conversation”, rather than just a drone. Impossible to understand, but the rhythm of it is familiar.

Then, when I shut my eyes last night, I was thinking quite a bit about one of her revelations to us; that the “ancestors see us through the fire”. I was also thinking that it has been awhile since I’ve seen any visions, of the liquid motion, or even the clear visions of unidentifiable objects. I thought about whether she could show me herself in a vision. (I’d love to see what she looks like). If not herself, then one of the elders.

I was also musing on the incident of Monday, how the instructions for reprogramming the remote were hidden from Bob, as well as the remote itself being disabled. How did she know those two things were even related? They did not have printed language; how could she know what that instruction sheet was about? A curious thing is that Bob also has instructions in his drawer for all the other remotes in the house; not just his, and she knew which one to take. (I just looked out the window and saw a formation of white snow-geese flying overhead, away from me towards the river.)

For some reason, my mind was very active last night, it was a concession to turn off the TV at 1 AM. I knew I was not going to fall asleep. And there I was still at 2 AM, with thoughts (and visions) swirling through my head. I thought that I was seeing “something”, and I kept trying to focus on it, to see if I could bring it into better focus. I could not, but the impression that I had was of a bank of fires, and motion and activity around them. As if there was a row of controlled fire rings, and there was human activity around them. The colors were the color of embers in the fireplace and darkness and shadows. Deep, heavy, black darkness of the sort we do not experience in our 21st century world. Punctuated by the orange glow of embers and flame. I could not focus on any of this, I’m left this morning with only an impression, and doubt now that it was a “vision” at all, rather that it was just my active mind at work. But she was “in the room”, and I was trying to send her my mental/pictorial questions… so, who knows?

Email excerpts between us this morning:

Bob: This morning, going through that intersection again, the GIANT white bird flew through at 4:29 AM. It is such a beautiful bird, but it sure seems out of place. I wish I could get a better look at it, it always happens so quickly and unexpectedly.

Me: I’m using these return address labels from the Audubon Society on our Christmas cards, and one has on it a giant white bird called the Trumpeter Swan. I’ll show it to you, maybe it will look familiar. I wonder why it is always there at that intersection? There must be something significant to that place. I wish we knew. I’m going to leave my white feather as an “offering” to Nuttah. Funny, we played “Indians” as kids (not really Cowboys & Indians, just Indians) and I was always White Feather. I just remembered that, when I wrote “white feather” above. She was there last night, and then this morning, and our characters are rearranged on the dresser. She likes the hearts pointing at us, and she turned all of them around, moved us all in closer together. Also, I planted the one last remaining live sprig that she brought in some soil, hopefully that will root it better, cause it was ailing in the water cup, this is a last ditch effort to make it thrive somehow. I’ll add root-tone to our Home Depot list — I may stop in there tonight on the way home, I think this time of year they stay open ’til 10.

The "hearts" are pointing at us, and the green arrow points at the white feather acting as "wings" behind Nuttah

A note about what I wrote in the email above. When I came home on Wed. night, I went up to check around. The fires have been burning non-stop since Sunday when the stove was fixed. I didn’t notice it right away, cause it was really subtle, especially being white, but then I saw it. I think I mentioned that I’d left the white feather that I’d found while jogging as an “offering” of a sort. What I had done with it though, was to lay it on top of those three “hearts” that you see in the front of the picture. It wasn’t there anymore, and my first thought was that maybe it had blown off the dresser. I had to go get my booklight to see what had really happened, and when I lit up the arrangement of us on the bureau with the light, I saw it. My green arrow in the picture above points it out. The feather was now wedged behind Nuttah, in this picture, it almost looks like they are angel wings on her. Perhaps they are?

Bob is almost afraid to read further in the “Entangled” book that we are both reading. If I could tell him what is coming, I would tell him not to (read further). He says it draws way too many parallels with our (his) experience. I hope those similarities start to diverge as the book has become extremely violent; more violent for my tastes – on the level of “Avatar” violence, except not “sanitized” – but the violence is part of the story. If you have not checked it out yet, I’ve provided a link to the 1st four chapters of the book online several times when I have mentioned this book, and I will do so here as well. What Graham Hancock has done is to write a fiction novel about things that he has spent a lifetime researching the possibility of. Early in our experiences, I heard him talking on “Coast-to-Coast” about his research, and in the middle of the night, it perked my ears up because it was exactly what was happening here. I laid there listening; in the morning I downloaded the 4 chapters that he put online free, and I even wrote Graham an email saying that we were “living” what he writes about and researches. (Never heard an answer.) There are several people in different fields of research that I’ve thought about contacting and in some cases have tried to contact. I’ve listed them below with links to their sites if you care to read about them and what they are researching. All of these people are too “BIG” for an email that I could hope would ever get to them:

And below, I have embedded the trailer for “Entangled” that was available on Graham Hancock’s site. It’s only a minute long.

December 20, 2010

Event #159: Monday, December 20, 2010

Bob called me as usual at work, and sounded a little perturbed as soon as I picked up the phone, so I said, “What’s wrong?”

Bob: “Well, nothing really, except that she is up to some shenanigans ‘cause she’s pissed off about us letting the fire go out…”
Me: “What do you mean, what did she do?”
Bob: “She disabled my remote – yours too.”
Me: “Well, mine isn’t really working anyway, so don’t go by mine.” I confessed. “I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting it to work. I can barely change channels with it.”
Bob: “Well, alright, forget about yours, but mine has been working, and it was disabled.”
Me: “So what did you do?” I asked.
Bob: “The first thing I did was look in my drawer for the instructions – I keep it in there, there’s a code that you need to get it re-programmed, and I needed that code. And I know that I had it in that drawer.”
Me: “So where was it?”
Bob: “I had to ‘ask’ her. She ‘told’ me that put it downstairs behind the TV in the kitchen.”
Me: “And it was there?”
Bob: “Yeah.”
Me: “How did she ‘tell’ you?”
Bob: “Same way she always does – I asked with a picture and she answered with a mental picture of where it was and I knew right where to go.”
Me: “So why did she do that?”
Bob: “It was about the fire – she was mad that we let it go out, and this was her way of retaliating. I did come home to embers burning, but I guess that was not enough.”
Me: “Do you pick up anger?”
Bob: “Well, really it’s more like concern.”
Me: “How’d she know how to disable the remote?”
Bob: “Don’t know… how does she know how to do anything she does? I thought I knew the codes to reprogram it, but they weren’t working, so I went looking for the instruction sheet in my drawer, and I knew right away that not only was she responsible for the remote being screwed up but that she’d hidden the instruction sheet too.”

(I’m thinking now… how on earth would she know those two things were related… but I didn’t think to ask that when we were having this conversation.)

Me: “So was she also in the room then?”
Bob: “Oh yeah, she was there.”
Me: “So if there were still embers burning, why is that an issue? I mean what can we really do, we’re gone all day?”
Bob: “I don’t know, but we didn’t burn fires all summer, and we’re not going to burn a fire all summer – they might, but we are not.”
Me: “Doesn’t she sense that we’re working on it, that we had a problem with the stove, and we were fixing it?”
Bob: “Guess not.”
Me: “Is anything else out of place?”
Bob: “I don’t know, I didn’t really focus, I was busy stewing over my remote.”
Me: “It seems a little… sneaky on her part, don’t you think? How did you know that it was about the fire?”
Bob: “Cause she told me.”
Me: “Well, have you asked her why she can’t keep the fire going if it’s that important? I mean, wasn’t she doing that before, when we found new wood burning that neither of us could have done?”
Bob: “No, haven’t asked. But I think I will the next time I ‘see’ her.”
Me: “Yeah, it seems to me that if she can move all that other stuff, that she could ‘think’ a piece of wood in the fire to keep it going. Guess it’s not the kind of fires her tribe was used to. Maybe she is afraid of burning the house down, and doesn’t want to risk that?”
Bob: “Could be…”
Me: “Did you have the sense that you were being reprimanded?”
Bob: “YEAH! I knew right away what was going on when the manual was gone. She gave me the picture [of where it was], but only after I got really irritated about it. It’s great.”

When I got home about an hour and a half later, I went upstairs as I always do, and I sensed her even before I entered the back area of the house. I stopped at the door to our living room and listened, and I could clearly hear the “buzz”. I could find nothing out of sorts upstairs. Our characters have not moved in days, and no knew things have appeared in the room since those 2 berries last weekend. However, I am sitting down here at my desk with a brand new white feather…

December 19, 2010

Event #158: Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bob said when he came downstairs early in the morning, he heard a lot of “activity” in the house. It was to the point where he was “looking around each corner to check” before he came through the house. Not just one person’s footsteps, but more than one. Several people.

And then I remembered that one night toward the end of last week I heard knocking coming through my computer speaker. I was sitting here typing and I kept hearing this rhythmic knocking. The first couple of times I heard it, I thought it sounded like it was coming from outside, like someone was actually knocking on my window. It kind of freaked me out. I’m sitting here in a light room, the windows show me only darkness outside, I’m alone in this part of the house, as Bob is “way over there” sleeping. After about the 3rd rhythmic knocking, I got up to investigate. I checked the speaker volume on my computer speakers, as partly, it did seem like it was coming from under my desk, or outside the window right above my desk. I looked outside the door where I can see that window, and, of course, nothing. I went back in the office and got ready to go to bed. I heard the knocking one more time, and turned the speaker all the way down, and didn’t hear it anymore.

Both of us are reading a book right now, that we finally ordered online. We’d heard about it on Coast-to-Coast in the early part of the year, and have wanted to read it ever since, and I finally got around to placing our Christmas order, and included it. We gave it to ourselves as an early Christmas gift. The book is called “Entangled”, by Graham Hancock. I’ll insert here some information that I copied from the internet about it:

“Graham Hancock’s new book “Entangled” features a plot line in which two characters from different time periods, one current day, the other from the Stone Age, are able to communicate with each other through consciousness in order to stop the actions of an evil supernatural entity who appears in both time frames.”

We are both now about one quarter of the way through this fascinating book, and both of us have made comments about the similarities that we’ve noticed to what is happening here.

Nothing much happened over the weekend, except that Sunday, the stove-repair guy came back, and between he and Bob, they were able to work out what was wrong. There had been some warpage inside the stove, a condition called “over-firing”. It figures, as the stove was sold to us really cheap, and also, the previous owners had had it installed in their basement, where they would have had to burn it really hot to try and heat their house. Oh well, another live-and-learn situation. Well, we got it fixed. And now it’s working great. No more face-fulls of smoke when I open it to put wood in, no more setting off the smoke alarm when I reload at night. No more smell of smoke awakening me weekend mornings when Bob gets up ahead of me and stokes it up. Oh boy, think I’m gonna miss that.

And then just one last thing to mention before I wrap up this weekend. I finally got out for a “Wobbles-jog” for the first time in a couple of weeks.  Wobbles and I were just wrapping it up, and I spotted something on the ground, and picked it up. I brought it home to add to our “stuff” on the dresser, as it is the pure white feather of a pure white bird.

December 18, 2010

Event #157: Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bob came over to the front part of the house where I was working on our Christmas card on the computer.

“I just got an earful of shit for letting the fire go out…” he stated woefully.

We have been having problems with this ‘new-to-us’  wood stove, and the fires have not been burning correctly, and our back part of the house is not warming up very well. We bought this stove at a garage sale, and we’re starting to think that perhaps the seller might have known there was something wrong with it. We couldn’t remember his name or his phone no., so we’d found someone in the classifieds to come and look at it, and they were on their way. In order for the stove to be serviced, the fire was going to have to be out.

“Oh… from…” and then it dawned on me. “Oh… she’s upset you let the fire go out. Cause of the ancestors.”

“Yeah”, was Bob’s reply, “But I told her that we don’t have it going all summer, so what’s with that?”

“And the answer?” I wondered.

“Well, she just keeps repeating that this is how the ‘others’ see us; she can come through, but the ‘others’ can’t, so they have to ‘see’ us.”

I picture them all sitting around one of their fires. I picture a ceremony, and drums are rhythmically beating, and they’re all staring into the fire. They can see us somehow, or see our world, or our house, or the 2 of us (if we’re there?) or somehow, they are seeing something. (It’s made me paranoid every time I’ve walked by the stove since I learned this.) She can make the transition between the 2 worlds, but they can only see us through the fire. So it’s important that it be kept going. In their world, I imagine all year long they don’t let the fire go out. Someone can always, and does always keep it going. Bob said there was alarm and even anger coming from her that the fire had gone out.

Then later, we talked to Stewie who was spending the night somewhere else. He mentioned that his “character” had moved from where it had been over by his desk/computer set-up to his bedside table.

December 15, 2010

Event #156a: Wed., December 15, 2010

Bob called me at work tonight, as usual, and I asked him to elaborate on her “visit” last night, and what he had written in the notebook. As best as he can figure, the names are the informal, affectionate names she had for her parents. I guess it would sort of be like today’s “Mom & Dad”, instead of “Mother” and “Father”. I laboriously scribbled notes as we talked, so I can portray this discussion as an actual conversation:

Me: “So what else happened last night?”
Bob: “She… was just… concerned.”
Me: “Concerned about what?”
Bop: “She’s concerned that… that she doesn’t really communicate anymore and it’s bothering her.”
Me: “Well, why not? How come she isn’t?”
Bob: “Cause I’m so zonked. I fall asleep right away. I did ‘tell’ her that you wanted to see her. She said it was ‘Not that easy’… but she’s trying. She’s been trying.”
Me: “What’s involved?”
Bob: “I don’t know… no idea. I don’t even know how she’s here. But I believe more and more that we are on the same spot, just different timelines.”
Me: “Yeah, that’s what is seems like. But how are we here now, you and me as her parents from then?”
Bob: “Cause there’s many, many, many of us.”
Me: “So, we more or less just kind of coexist, like in layers? Timeline upon timeline, and there’s an infinite number of layers possible?”
Bob: “Yeah, as well as every other possibility that could exist. And an infinite number of possibilities of ‘us’”
Me: “So how did she find us, with all those myriads of possibilities?”
Bob: “Don’t know. I don’t understand any of it. I do understand what I hear the physicists talking about, what I hear the research is about, how everything can coexist in the same spot… because it’s not real, Time is not real.”
Me: “So is she just basically busy in her life with her day-to-day existence, like we are?”
Bob: “Yeah”
Me: “Do you think that she realizes the magnitude of what she is able to do?”
Bob: “OH, Yeah”.
Me: “I mean the way we do – realize it – the way we’re impressed with what she is able to do, traveling through time and everything…”
Bob: “I think so…”
Me: “Hmmmmmmm… Fascinating.”
Bob: “I’m sure she knows the magnitude of it, as do those she is with. Maybe not the same way we do. They had a more open mind to it then, than we, as a society, do now. They didn’t pooh-pooh these ideas the way we might.”
Me: “There were no skeptics to the possibilities.”
Bob: “Yeah. I think the ‘Anati’ is an endearing term for you.”
Me: “But she never knew me…”
Bob: “No, but she does now. And she missed that, and that is something that never went away. She had people in her tribe that raised her, but it was not the same as having her mother there. She is here a lot now.”
Me: “I know, I hear her almost all the time. I’d really like to be able to see her though, or even feel her presence, not just hear.”
Bob: “I saw her twice, well, at least there was that one instance of when I saw her behind me in the mirror.”

And I recall that Bob had looked in our dresser mirror, looking out into the room through the mirror, and there she had been, and he was able to even describe how she was dressed.

Bob: “And remember, she said she would be here a lot. It was one of the things that she said. So somehow, I think she has figured out a way to be in both places simultaneously, like when she’s in a dream state… she’s not there or here; she’s both. Everything just seems so odd.”

Me: “That it does.”

When I got home much later that evening – another late night, as I had to food shop on the way home – as I was tending the stove beneath our bedroom, I ‘heard’ her again. I’d been typing for awhile the conversation I just did above, and then had gone over to go to bed, and I felt that she was with me when I went over there, following me around the room. Or her energy, her aura, her presence, whatever, I’m really not sure how to describe it, or what it is I sense, I just do know that it is something.