Event #147: Wed., December 1, 2010

And an excerpt from Bob’s email this morning about the article mentioned in the last post:

Bob: I sent you a physics article that you should take a minute to read. It lends a bit more validation in a scientific realm, not that empirically it is needed, to our reality. It has to do with quantum entanglement. It is one step closer to proving that what we perceive as reality, termed “local reality” is being violated in direct violation of classical physics. Meaning, and they only hint at this in the article, that the future can influence the past and vice versa. We’re not in Kansas anymore.

Me: Haven’t felt like I was in Kansas since about this month last year. Wow, can you believe it’s been going on that long? I’ll read the article and cut and paste parts of it to the narrative. I didn’t notice anything out of place last night, but I did notice that she was there. I walk in to our living room from the sun room, and I immediately enter the “buzz” field. Don’t know what Joe was so alarmed about.

I will try to recap the article tonight after I’ve read it. And then once I do that, it will have to wrap up Part VI, since this is now pg. 22 and it’s getting too big and unwieldy. However, all the pictures remained in place where I inserted them, and my text has not randomly changed pages… so that’s a plus. It makes me realize why people spend a skid load on page-management software, like Quark (if that’s still around) or one of the Adobe products… MS Word is just not a pro at handling the size and memory of the graphics mixed with the text, and I have to deal with all the annoyance of “text boxes”, etc. to try to work within the confines of what is essentially a “word processor”. Oh well, I haven’t spent a dime, except of course my time. Note to “Word Press” though, which I am now using as this blog software — THIS I really like, and have not had any memory-blow-out problems with it, except of course, my own.

Then tonight, when Bob & I talked, he remarked about how Joe was behaving when he came over to our side of the house.

“Very mouthy”, he described him. “Like I haven’t heard him in awhile. It’s like he’s looking around the corner and wants to check out if it’s really me (and not someone/thing else). ” Bob explained.

So when I came home, I was anxious to see what, if anything, might have happened up there. Boy, was I in for a surprise. However, that will be picked up in Part VII – wow, hard for me to believe we’re up to 7 already.

A side note to blog visitors — it does not hurt to put a reminder in here that in actuality, I am currently working on these “back-dated” posts in February of 2011. I started the blog a year after our “events” started. Above, I mention Part VII, but in “real-time”, I am currently working on Part VIII. There was a lot going on in December of 2010, which I am just about to launch into.  I hope to be caught up to current time in the next couple of weeks. Then, each post will be about current events, not past events. Won’t that be exciting.


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