Event #148: Wed., December 1, 2010

So I think it’s appropriate that we are starting Part VII on the first day of December. AND that this is the same month one year ago that all this activity began. I remember starting the whole thing off with the words “Sometime between Christmas and New Year’s”… It was around the time that all that banging on the stone of the creek was going on. We’re looking out towards the creek one year later on quite a different scene than last year at this time.

So when I got home, as I referenced at the end of the last post I was in for quite a surprise when I got upstairs. My first experience however, happened before I even entered the house.  I bent down in the driveway to pet our formerly rabid ;-} cat OIN! and pick some ticks off of him, and I noticed the ‘buzz’ in my ear. I should start talking about that differently. I noticed she was “with me”. I will from now on interpret that buzz/energy field as the presence of Nuttah, since it seems pretty clear now that’s what it is. I’ve copied below here a Wednesday night email to Leann when I sat down at my desk that night after work:

Me to Leann: Speaking of plants, tonight I came home to not ONE, but TWO new flower sprigs, presented to “me”. One I am having a difficult time identifying. And the most curious thing is how she is coming forth with live green sprigs this late in the season. My theory is that maybe our seasons do not necessarily coincide. Bob thinks that we are exactly parallel in season, I’m beginning to think not. Or else it was a period of extreme global warming — THEN too! Very, very curious…

And I thought I’d get an early morning email to Bob about it too, so he would get it when he first opened his email early in the morning:

Me: Whoa, Two sprigs last night, very fresh ones. One is a repeat of the one I originally thought might be goldenrod, and I have it sitting here on the desk in some water. It’s a very small piece, but I might try to force the buds. This one was leaned up against “me” on the bureau. You have your stone back on your lamp-base. The necklace on the dresser was formed into a heart shape, and Nuttah is centered between us. The berry sprig was laid atop the turtles. And lastly, there was yet another flower sprig inside the closet — that one I put in water too. It looks very fresh, like it was placed there last night, maybe right before we talked. No wonder Joe was so freaked. Oh, and one last thing, as if all that is not enough… I was petting OIN! in the driveway when I got home and picking ticks off his head… and… I heard the “buzz”. Loud and clear, I heard it. I went inside and I heard it. Came upstairs and heard it. In the kitchen I heard it, and in the downstairs bathroom I heard it. She’s staying with me all around the house, it seems. Wonder what is up? Also, it seems that our seasons do not coincide… or else they were in a period of incredible global warming…

Bob: Wow, pretty busy evening. I don’t think it all happened before I went to bed, at least the dresser moves. I saw Nuttah still facing towards us when I came up, so at least that changed after I went to sleep. As far as coinciding seasons, they do match ours. It must be “unseasonably warm”, even then in the 1600’s. I heard and sensed NOTHING. Slept until 3:10 this morning. It appears there was considerable activity that I slept through. Wonder if joe was trying to wake me? Like, Yo, Yo! Wake the hell up, you see this shit! Wake up! How the hell can you just f@ckin’ sleep through this! WTH! Anyway, I slept. I hope it was warm enough for you, it was in the mid sixties in the bathroom when I left, 73 in the kitchen.

Me: My Gmail is guessing that I’m interested in “Hawaiian Flower leis”. I don’t think so. Are you really sure about the seasons? It’s December and this stuff is still growing for them? Did they keep hot-houses? I’ll buy the warming trend, anything is possible. The sprig didn’t survive too well overnight, not sure I’ll be able to “push” buds. Maybe WE need a hot house. Maybe we need a sweat lodge too. Joe probably just hunkers down and puts his face under your arm. It was warm enough, still is actually, it’s 35 outside, and 65 in.

Bob: I know the seasons are the same, so is the time of day. It has to be a protected area during a warm spell. Joe is a dope. I am feeling neglected!

Me: I found a dried version of a plant along the river that I think is very similar to the sprig she brought. I’m going to shoot a couple side-by-side pics.

The 3 of "us" on the dresser; a new flower sprig is in front of "me"

So I must make some comments about what happened above, and about the pictures that I’ve included here. So many new things happened Wednesday night that I’ve had to insert a lot of new photos. I’ll start with them top to bottom as they appear in this post. The first one, to the right,  shows “us”, the plant sprig leaned up against “me”, and the hearts, claws, feather in their new configuration.

One of my necklaces appears in a "heart" shape on the dresser tonight

The 2nd picture shows a necklace that I’d left on the dresser, newly shaped into a heart. The 3rd picture shows inside the yellow circle the sprig of berries that she placed on top of the 2 turtles, that now sit “inside” the “jewelry turtle” that we’ve left on the dresser from back in May, or whenever that was. The bigger brown turtle was one that I found in the basement during my cleaning project down there. It is actually a “box” of a sort. The “shell” of that turtle is hinged and lifts up, and inside I have placed all the turtle charms. I think that turtle was a gift from my parents.

I've circled the berry sprig in yellow that appeared inside the turtle shape

A new sprig of "Evening Primrose" appears in the closet -- in DECEMBER!

The picture above shows the sprig that I found that night inside the bathroom closet with my jewelry. I’ve added a yellow circle around it. A very green, very fresh (and somewhat fragrant) new sprig. This is actually the freshest of all plant sprigs I have seen yet, which means that it had probably happened within the hour. I have a messy pile of some often-worn charms and necklaces on a shelf in the closet, and this is the 2nd time that I’ve found a flower sprig or two placed there.

The unidentified "December" flower sprig left in front of "me" by Nuttah

And then the picture to the right shows a close-up of the flower sprig that was leaning up against “me”. This was a hard plant to photograph because it is so small. Each little bud is only about 1/8 of an inch long. The leaves are about ¼ of an inch. That whole part of the plant shown there could fit onto a quarter, which I’ve included in the top of the picture. And they do look purplish, don’t they? Not yellow like golden-rod, but this plant, whatever it is, does have a golden-rod type growing habit, as best as I can figure from my flower books. I need the help of a professional.  And then the last one below here is a side-by-side comparison. The green plant is the one that Nuttah just left here. And next to that, I have placed a dried plant that I found along the river still intact. Frost and cold here have killed it, but I see some similarities in the way that it grows with the one that Nuttah has brought.

A side-by-side comparison of 2 plants; only it's December, and ours are dead - hers are not for some reason



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