Event #149: Thursday, December 2, 2010

I talked to Bob Thursday night from work. Somewhere early in the conversation, he kind of randomly launched this statement:

“The sweat lodge is not that common among the tribes of the east and the north, it was primarily Lenape”.

“Okay…”, I responded… “but what brought that up?”
“She told me this. Tonight. While I was making the fire downstairs.”
“Really. Did you ask about that?” I wondered.
“No, I have no idea why she was telling me, it was just one of those things.” Bob responded.
I wondered, “How was she conveying this idea to you, I mean, I can understand that you knew it was about a sweat lodge, but how do you know the part that it’s unique to them, that other tribes didn’t really use it?”
“I don’t know, it’s just in pictures.” Bob responds. “Sometimes she uses language but it doesn’t matter, I can’t understand it, I can understand the pictures.”
“But how is she saying that they use it, and not other Indian cultures?” I asked.
“The pictures are just kind of ‘dropped in’… I don’t know, but it was clear that she was trying to convey or impart some knowledge. I see different tribes, and she indicates ‘us… us’. I get the idea somehow. It’s almost like it’s telepathic. It’s like she’s telling me and trying to get me to understand the words too.”

Then he went on to explain about the use of the plants and the herbs:
“Different types of plants and herbs were put on the hot rocks, they were aromatic, and the smells, the aromas were what triggered her abilities. She was obviously gifted from the beginning, but this helped to trigger it. She was dressed in long, buckskin trousers, and a long dress, like a tunic, to her knees.” Bob added.

I asked if he knew why she could not communicate to me in pictures the same way.
“I can’t answer that”, was the answer.

From "real-dream-catchers.com": Construction and Symbolism of the Sweat Lodge -- one of the sites I found that night of searching

So something bears mentioning here, and that is the fact that I’ve been thinking about sweat lodges. Not just thinking about them either, one night I went on the internet looking for pictures, and information. I found quite a bit. I wanted specifically though, to see one on the inside, and that image was a little harder to find. In fact, I am not sure that I did find anything. I looked at my finds again the next morning, as I’d left all the tabs open in my browser of what I’d found the night before. I think she must have picked up on that. Sometimes I think she must be in the room here with me too. She certainly has done some things in here at times.

December 3rd, but speaking about the previous evening:
No new movements in the room, except I heard the buzz in the driveway again, basically as soon as I got out of the truck, then I was in the bathroom and had the sensation the room was swimming in liquid motion. And this was before I had a glass of wine. In fact, for the past two nights, upon laying down in bed, I have gotten the sense of motion and images in my head. I can’t really be any more descriptive than that. I try to zone in on something, but to no avail. I cannot focus on all the visions being sent my way; it’s almost like moving down a fast tube like in a roller coaster, and not being able to see what’s is passing by you as you stream along.


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