Event #150: Sunday, December 5, 2010

We both had experiences during the night/early morning. For me, it was during this annoying period of sleeplessness between the hours of 4 AM and 6 AM. I was getting the “flashes” of visions, something I have not had in some time. Here’s how I would describe these:

Kind of what my vision of the tree silhouettes looked like against the bright "moon" background

Picture a full moon, the brightness of it in a dark sky. The images that I saw were in front of that full moon, so they were in silhouette; black more or less, but shapes of things identifiable at times. Once it was the trees, looking at the full moon through tree shapes, or whatever this light was through the trees. A thick forest of trees. Sometimes it appeared to be something else, like the roof of a house, or the shape of a building. One time I thought I picked up a flower silhouette, but something more like a long-stemmed rose or tulip, not the sprigs that I’m used to finding now. And then once I saw a turtle, only this was not against the “moon” backdrop. It seemed like it was made of candy, a certain kind of candy that I’m familiar with but I can’t think of the name of. I’ll have to get it from the internet. Here we go: I thought I had it right, but wasn’t sure: the candy is called nonpareils. My turtle image seemed to be made of that kind of candy.

Bob had an experience as well. It was right before 6 AM, and he was awake too, and was just laying in bed staring into space, but generally in the direction of the top of his closet. And into his consciousness, he became aware of a shape on the top of the closet. He recognized it as one of the wolves; he could make out the eyes, the nose, slowly coming into focus, and there it sat, above him and on top of his closet. A holographic image of one perhaps, not one of the “actual wolves”, but a wolf-image nevertheless. I suggested that he check to see if the dust had been disturbed up on his closet top and he was certain that it would not have been, thinking that what he was seeing was an image being projected by Nuttah. I let it go at that, thinking he was probably right, as how could a wolf have even “fit” up there, it would have been too tall for the top of the closet.

This is what I imagine Bob "saw" while lying in bed that morning

Just now (it’s much later in the day, and we’re home watching football), I had to go upstairs to get something.

The Ducks moved again for the first time since August 5th

I happened to glance up to the top of my closet, which I actually do quite often now, and for the first time (since August 5th according to my posts) the ducks had moved again. They were not that way earlier in the day, because like I said, I check them often. We (the duck family version of “us”) have all been more or less scrunched together now. Bob & I see this as the 2 of us: the parents, Nuttah between us, and our other 2 children to the right. I looked in the picture files, and the last time the ducks moved was August 5th. I also took notice that the 3 of “us” on the dresser have been moved since December 1st as well; we’ve been brought tighter in together.

A large bare spot in the dust on top of Bob's closet; exactly where the wolf "sat" that morning

And just as an afterthought, as I was about to leave the room, I thought I’d look on the top of Bob’s closet, since I was still thinking about his wolf-vision experience of the morning. And what do you think I saw? A big bare mark in the dust, right where he said he saw the wolf. I don’t know if that’s clear in the picture I’ve inserted, but it is to me. I apologize for the extreme dustiness of this not-often-looked-at area of our room, but in this case, it has kind of come in handy: look at the grey dust on the left side, going all the way back to the cobwebs along the wall, and then to the right of that, for about 2 feet, there is an area that is “clean”. No dust. And that’s exactly the spot where Bob said he laid in bed and stared up at a wolf looking down at him. Bob was pretty impressed and amazed at this, he was certain there would not be any disturbance in the closet dust.

Bob's stone is sitting on his clock-radio now

There was one other thing of note in the room tonight, and that was the stone on Bob’s bedside table. I think I mentioned that on Dec. 1, when all that other stuff had occurred, that the stone had appeared on Bob’s lamp-base. Well, now it’s moved right to the top of his clock-radio, and here is a picture.


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