Event #151: Monday, December 6, 2010

Bob called me at work as usual, but rather late; it was almost 9 pm when he finally called. I’d had a really busy day, so kept myself well-occupied with half an eye on the clock. One of the first things he said was,

“Thank you for keeping the fire going”.

I thought he was being sarcastic, because I hadn’t had time to do anything at all with either of the wood stoves in the morning. I had not even made it to the jogging path for my usual morning jog with Wobbles. I haven’t been sleeping all that well for 2 nights in a row now, and last night I was up for a good part of the morning, then ended up oversleeping because of it. It hadn’t really even occurred to me to do something with the stoves, because Bob usually does not ask me to. So I kind of sheepishly said,

“Sorry, I didn’t know you wanted me to…”
“No, I mean it, thank you.” Bob said again.
Well, now I had to admit it:  “I didn’t do it.”
Bob: “What do you mean, you didn’t do it?”
Me: “I didn’t put any wood on the fire this morning. I didn’t have time, I just left.”
Bob: “Are you sure?”
Me: “Yeah, I’m pretty sure that I would remember that. I’d like to say it was me, but I didn’t touch it. You don’t think that…” and what I was thinking was pretty clear.
I continued, “Do you think that our… do you think our resident ‘daughter’ did it for us? Do you think that’s possible? You know how she didn’t want you to let it burn out that time…”

There was a pause.

And Bob said, “Well, I guess she could have. I mean, look at all the other things that have happened.”
“I know. She certainly could do this, but would she? Are you sure it wasn’t left over from the night before?” I wondered.
“No. There’s no way it would not have burned.” Bob stated emphatically.
“Well, I put a lot of wood on it before I went to bed, did you put any more on in the morning?” I asked.
“Yeah, I put a couple logs on before I left, but there were hot coals in there, it would definitely have burned.” Bob stated.
“Are you sure it just didn’t take a long time to catch, and they’re burning now?” I wondered.
“Yeah, I’m sure, and also, these were round logs, I can still tell because they are that new, and I didn’t put round logs on it this morning.” Bob continued.
“Wow, that’s pretty incredible. Maybe she kept it going for us all day.” I mused.
“Well that would be great!” was Bob’s response.
“Unbelievable…” was all I could say, and think.

I had an odd thought about this as I was driving home tonight. I was wondering if maybe, our fire is really their fire. Like in separate time-dimensions, they have a fire going, we have a fire going, but maybe it’s the same fire. Just a thought. There is definitely something about the fire… “It’s how the ancestors can see you… “


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