Event #152a: Wed., December 8, 2010

Email excerpts from Bob: Were you warm enough this morning? I fed both stoves this morning. Ours still had partially unburned logs in it and the fire was actively flaming, that is unusual, normally it is just embers as you will remember in the past when I would load it up in the morning but you would tell me they didn’t burn. What time did you put the wood in?

Me; Last night, I put logs in before I came up to bed; it was around midnight, and I stoked ours up with maybe 4, could have been 3. So you would have seen them about 4 hours after I did it, roughly. What do you think? I didn’t hear anything. Did have a major buzz in my ear, even over here in the bathroom last night.

Now it is later tonight. For the past 3 evenings, Bob has come home and found burning logs in the back stove. Let’s put it this way; in the front, I put logs in at the same time, and there is nothing but burnt embers. Yet in the back, there are logs that are still burning, as if I’d put them on only a couple hours before. And, there is that episode where she clearly asked Bob not to put the fire out…

And now an email to Bob Thursday, 12/9: I’m sleeping horribly, I almost feel like she keeps waking me up, I wake up and then fall asleep after much effort, get immediately awakened again, more effort, then awake again, that went on from 4 ’til now. And I’m exhausted. Going to check the puppies…

And I’d sent the latest PDF file of events to Rue in the past day or so, this was the email response from Rue about it:

“Yo – most interesting developments — can you try to save seeds from plants and plant in spring or use growth hormones and try to root something that was left?  I know it is not optimal time to start things, but you never know! Also re: buzzing in Lois”s ear –  since this is a recent development and from my reading, does not seem to connect with other concrete phenomena in the story, I would actually check this – have you started taking aspirin or other salicylates  or other meds lately that would cause Tinnitis?  I have had it from aspirin and it goes away when I stop taking it.  I also had a slow developing ear infection in high school that did the same thing and I NEVER want to have again.  I wanted to die.  Literally.

Anyway- the buzzing could certainly be related to what is going on in your house but just make sure it is not related to some other change in meds or environment, that could also cause tinnitus.’

I love Bob’s thing about slowing down in the morning… I have that problem .. I got up at 6:30 am last Sat. to drive to a friend’s house about 40 minutes away, did not exercise, did not shower, just put on my “painting clothes” to help her paint a ceiling.  I KNOW I made my usual oatmeal and coffee – both by pushing the buttons to start them, since they are prepared the night before.  THAT takes 3 minutes.  Anyway .. I arrived at her house at 10:45 and HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what I did in all that time from 6:30 am…. I am prone to puttering in the morning if I don’t HAVE to be someplace, but the house is a mess from a bunch of little projects started before Christmas… I think this has something to do with the “maturing” brain!!!!

I have always called this phenomenon  a “time warp” though…. so ANYTHING could be going on!!!!  It was REALLY bad when I had a concussion from a car accident years ago… I would get in a car to go someplace and then find myself someplace else hours later and not have ANY idea what had transpired in between…. YIKES!!! I could have been having fun and not remembered!
Have a beer for me tonight!”

Some comments now from me regarding Rue’s statements. I don’t have any doubt that the hum/buzz that I hear is coming from outside of me. It is not “in my head”, as it were. It is not caused by alcohol or medication. It is also not everywhere I go in the house, and that is the most revealing factor. I don’t hear it ever when I sit here at my desk, sometimes in the dead quiet of the evening. I’ve never heard it in the kitchen or in the basement (and I do try to). If it was tinnitus or some rumbling ear infection developing, I would surely experience it elsewhere — even at work, which I don’t. Remember the first time I heard it the morning of October 18th, I thought it was the sound of a truck engine idling outside. That morning, it was clear to me that it was outside of me… NOT in my head; I even got up to go look outside at where this vibration could be coming from. Bob has a theory about what this hum/buzz is related to, and it kind of comes not just from what we’ve been experiencing here, but also from a book we have both started to read: “Entangled”, by Graham Hancock. I think that I have mentioned this book before, and it will reveal itself to have some very interesting, alarming, direct, clear and obvious parallels to what is actually going on here when we both complete the book, but…  I meander ahead of myself, I should not do that. Bob’s theory, is that the sound is my “connection”; it is the “thread” that I am connected to her with. Somehow, I am able to “hear” her, “hear” the connection through a vibration. Well, if a lot of this works through electro-magnetic energy, it would make sense. It’s just amazing how little we really do know about the world. World, what am I talking about — the universe. Rue has some valid points, however, and it is a thought I did entertain, especially when it seemed to go on for so long, but I have since dismissed it. I accept the “connection” theory. However, if I drop dead from a brain tumor or something, we’ll know then that I was wrong.

And regarding Bob, and the lost time? That kind of resolved itself. It happened for awhile there, but does not seem to be happening now.


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