Event #153: Friday, December 10, 2010

Email excerpt from me: I got woken up again, had bizarre images in my head this time. I’ll try to write them up, not sure even how to describe them.

In this case, I really did feel like I was awakened to be shown something because the images were so obvious. What I mean is that it was obvious I was being presented images, it was just not obvious to me at all what they were. I’m still trying to figure that part out, but here’s how it went. I woke up at 4 AM again, and again had a difficult time getting back to sleep. I was not aware of her in the room, I had no sound in my ear. I wondered about that, and I also wondered if it was possible to “summon” her with my thoughts. I laid awake for over an hour listening to the Coast-to-Coast radio program, and I think I finally faded off again by 5. However, shortly I was reawakened by a motor sound. This sound did not seem like the “buzz” I am now used to when Nuttah is present. I felt like it was a truck motor or it even sounded like it could be the furnace. Only if the furnace was running in the front of the house, I’ve never been able to hear it, and I don’t think that would start now. So I decided it was probably someone on the street warming up a diesel truck. That was feasible, because people on our street do have diesel pickups. But it went on so long, it was kind of beyond a normal “warm-up” time. Then I felt like I was also getting “her” sound… and I became confused in my half-somnolent state about whether that was the sound I’d been hearing all along. And right about that time, I heard the “engine” sound outside change somewhat, and soon enough, a diesel pickup drove by the house, and took off over the bridge. So it HAD been someone warming up. But after that sound was gone, I continued to hear her “buzz”. And it was then that the visions started. I was getting the bright light in the center of my inner-head vision. It would go in and out, sometimes I would just get the usual “eyes-closed” darkness in my head, and then I’d get a flash of her light. There were a lot of swirly shapes going on too. Nothing all that colorful, just a lot of liquid motion. And then all of a sudden, out of the darkness, came a bright, obvious, abrupt shape that looked like something plastic. It was so quick, and gone just like that, but I thought I recognized some kind of grid, like would encase a radio. A white plastic grid. So I thought about this for a minute, wondering if there was anything in the room like that. The only thing that would qualify was the plastic grid on the window fan, which still sits in place in the window. I thought maybe I was being shown her location in the room, because it is certainly something I have asked her to show me in the past. Why else would I see something that is so clearly from our era, and not hers? Then something else started. These images started at the top of my inner-head vision, and slowly drifted to the bottom, but they faded out about halfway down. What were they, is the question. I don’t know what they were. They were complicated little objects. Each time I saw one, and I was “shown” about 5 or 6 maybe, they were different in their details, but more or less the same in their overall structure. What could I even use to compare them to, in order to get even a rough idea of what I “saw”? I can’t think of anything, although they also seemed to be clearly from “our” time, and not native-American time, in that they seemed to be of modern materials. They were small, intricate, complicated little statues, for lack of any other word or description. They were overall a solid color, like a very light grey or white, but they had some other kind of colors in very small areas. Like the “bodies” were white, and may have had some attachments with a touch of red or blue. But I’m not sure that they were even “bodies”, these could have been a robotic part, or even an object that was part of something else. There were a lot of strange details to them, if I could have just looked at them longer. Clearly, it is something for which I don’t have a great frame of reference, otherwise I could probably just say, “I saw a “blank”. Fill in that blank with whatever it was. But it was not like that. Almost surrealistic in a way, or a hallucination, like seeing things you have absolutely no idea or frame of reference for understanding, so you just look at it and marvel. “What is that?” you think, and there is no good answer. “Well, it kind of looks like…”, but you don’t even really know how to answer that. It’s just something you have never seen before. And what in our world could you pick up or run across, or be shown a picture of and not be able to at least have some clue, either what it’s made of, or what it is a part of, or even that it is a part of something, even if you don’t know what it might be. I’m at a loss. The image in my mind is starting to fade as well, so I’m left only with the impression of what I saw, and not the actuality of it. So that is pretty much as far as this one is going to go, and I will just log this one as an hour or so of “visions” that I cannot explain. Maybe Bob can shed some light on this one. I remember the first time I described that bizarre, intricate insect that I had a vision of, that had no seeming relevance to anything, until Bob explained that it was one of the 3 visions he had “asked” her to “show me”. And it turned out to be relevant to my life at that time; the insects were jewelry that we constructed. I wish I had a memory of that. Well, I guess I do, in a way, but it’s kind of a DNA or a cellular memory. Otherwise, why else would I have chosen tiny little seed beads to work with as a child, and make jewelry and flowers out of them. I think there is a reason for just about everything that we do and every “so-called choice” that we make. We think that we are making a choice – that we have free will – but do we? Are we perhaps just programmed to do things?

One other thing bears mentioning today, as I’m still reading that book about local ghost sitings. And these are the kind of passages that I’ve taken notice of on my second read of it as the author relates the stories and the “ghostly” experiences he and others have had over time. He does relate the stories as “ghost” stories, obviously, given the title. But then, now that I’m towards the end of the book, he entertains other possibilities, rather than “ghosts”. So with credit to the author, here is a direct quote from the book:

“As they were talking, the light tapping sound of an object falling onto the floor interrupted the silence around them. The sound startled them and they began looking about for an explanation.

It wasn’t long before they came across a black, apparently old, button.

They looked over their clothing and around the room to see if there was any way either of them had lost a button, or if there was any apparent object from which it could have fallen.

Neither of them was wearing black buttons. No other object could be found.

Could this be a button lost in the same space but at some other time in the building’s past – one fallen from a child’s shirt or pants, or even those of the schoolmaster?

Like photos of the past which inform our present, our experiences of the unknown give us snapshots of a different realm of being that seems to overlap, and sometimes share space in, our mortal world.”

And there it is: “Overlap, and sometimes share space in, our mortal world.”
So we are not alone in this.


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