Event #154: December 10, 2010

More from the December 10 post:
Did I say there was one other thing that bore mentioning, I meant two. After my experiences with the truck motor vibration, and how apparently that sound vibrated its way through the ground, up through the house and into my ear laying on the pillow, it started me thinking about just that word: vibration. And I think that we may have stumbled upon a key word in this whole scenario. It was this vibration that made me think it, coupled with the almost instantaneous vibration of Nuttah’s “buzz” in my ear. And I thought about how it seemed that the way that all this came about was through vibration.

The panels being situated to be driven into the creek bed to act as a water barrier

A picture, that I have used before, bears inserting here again, and I have placed it to the right. It shows the long arm of the 60-ft. reach excavator, with the custom-made driving tip, instead of the usual “bucket”. A man is seen leaning hard into one of the panels – the corrugated steel panels, taller than the man, and about 3-4 feet wide, each piece at least 2 inches thick. And these they drove – or essentially “vibrated” – right into the creek bed, over and over again, many of them, overlapping, to keep back the water that kept threatening the ongoing project. Below, I have placed another picture; this one taken from the bedroom window. The red arrow points at the final inserted panels that were pounded and vibrated in. This picture also shows the proximity of the creek work to the house, and in particular, to our bedroom. Frequency–vibration-Electro-magnetic fields. There somehow has to be an explanation in physics of how this can happen. But we don’t “know” it yet; it is all just theory. Then after all the visions and activity of the morning, I woke up later to the sound of footsteps in the living room downstairs; they perked up Joe’s ears too — but I knew better than to go investigate.

The red arrow points at the panels that were initially 6 ft. tall after they were driven into the creek bed


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