Event #155: Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bob was really sick last night, but somehow, miraculously, felt much better the next morning. This morning. He was up way before me, and doing all his normal Saturday morning chores. I joined him later, because I’ve had a very hard time lately sleeping all the way through the night. This has been going on for the past couple of weeks, I think. One of Bob’s chores was collecting kindling for the wood stoves, and this had him out along the creek on the other side of the bridge. Later, Bob told me that he had sensed her presence while picking up the wood. Nothing else besides just her energy, that I know of. Then later, I came up to our bedroom to get ready to go out. Bob was downstairs tending to the stove. I excitedly called him to come up and look at what I’d found on my bedside table.

A pair of bright red "Winter-Berries" roughly heart-shaped also

There on my lamp-base was a new sprig – this time the red berries that are ever-present in these parts at this time of year. A tiny little sprig of 2 berries, positioned there looking like a heart-shape, as Bob pointed out. Here is a picture. Then Bob remembered that when he was outside gathering the wood, he had noticed these berries growing where he was, at about the same time that he noticed that her energy was present also. This is at least the 2nd time that she has presented us with an “offering” after seeing us on the creek observing it. The last time that I recall was in the summer, with that little blue day-flower that grows everywhere.


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